FiraB! A Hidden Gem In The Showcase World!

Next stop for Record World International was to visit live is FiraB! In Palma De Mallorca. The festival is 11 to 14 of November. We are excited to visit this showcase festival because it is kind of hidden in the showcase world but is growing fast and has a lot to offer.

 FiraB! Is mainly for performing artists and musicians from the Balearic Islands to be exposed to professionals. The past years it has grown to attract many exciting industry professionals that now  go there to meet other professionals and look into the local artists that are presented. And some interesting international artists are also getting on the schedule.

It’s not just music, it also incudes dance and other performing arts. Already we have seen several cool artists that are pinpointed like Jack In Water who is a UK artist that now resides in Mallorca as his homebase. We can also see bands like The Prussians and Jansky that we already have met on other international stages but are from the Balearic Islands. Go Cactus is a local band that we are looking forward to seeing perform live. Another cool artist is Skygge, a French artist that works with artificial intelligence to make music.

We have already seen the pro list that is not official yet, but we can tell that it’s a long great list of new powerful people from the music industry. We will keep you posted.

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