Future Echoes Announces New Speakers For February 2022 Showcase Festival

The new Swedish Showcase Festival Future Echoes have just released fifteen speakers for their festival from 17 to 19 of February. The Swedish festival is aiming to be more of an international Festival where the whole world is gathering to discover the latest artist that is emerging. 

Among the speakers, you see people from BBC, Cooking Vinyl, Cashbox Canada Magazine, Live Nation. Also, they have new companies like the very interesting Finnish startup Family in Music that is building a totally new system for artists to work with their songs. Other showcase festivals that are on the list are Wide Days from Scotland, Sofia International Music Conference from Bulgaria, BreakOut West from Canada, FiraB and Cranc from Spain.

The festival released 42 artists last week.  


For more announcements keep visiting: https://futureechoes.se/