Arturo Rojas Strikes a Chord With “Te Diré” (Live) Release, a Journey of Emotion and Artistry

In 2023, Arturo Rojas gifted our ears with great music with the release of the success “Te Diré” (Song of the Week on Toronto’s Voces Latinas CHHA 1610 AM), and his last release, “Entre Mi Fuego y Sangre”, a harmonious fusion of artistry and emotion. Watch and listen on YouTube here:

 Written by Rojas, his latest release is a personal artistic expression of positivity, after experiencing a near-death situation. “It made me wonder about life”, the singer shares. “What comes after we die?  Where are we going after death? Is there a place waiting for us after we pass away? But in the end, we need to learn to give…”

Despite drawing inspiration from a challenging life moment, Rojas skillfully channels his emotions into a captivating ballad, effortlessly blending Latin, pop, and jazz influences.

Listen on Spotify here:

After unveiling his debut album, Rojas engaged in a conversation with his producer and guitarist, Jimy Smallbach. Together, they made the decision to offer the world a glimpse into the band’s raw sound, akin to the atmosphere of live shows and rehearsals, before unveiling the full melody for uninterrupted enjoyment.

“I loved the idea. I wanted to catch the energy, the dynamic, and what comes out spontaneously from our hearts and instruments when we play live. To me, playing a show is a celebration of the musicians and the songs.  It is so special to see and hear what the musicians bring into the song, and how they add their own sound, tone, and feeling”, unveils Arturo.

The Latin Rock musician, born in Peru and now based in Toronto, also emphasizes that sometimes a song on a record may feel “petrified,” but it springs back to life when performed for live fans and listeners.

In their pursuit of authenticity, Rojas and his band opted for the familiar surroundings of Ratspace Studios—a beloved rehearsal spot with a welcoming ambiance and excellent sound quality. With Robin Easton, a skilled sound engineer, at the helm, the recording process felt effortless and enjoyable, evoking a sense of comfort akin to being at home.

Choosing to present a live rendition of “Te Diré,” the group aimed to forge a deeper connection with their audience. The song’s unique blend of rock, pop, and bossa nova has captured the hearts of listeners, drawing them in with its mesmerizing rhythm.

Yet, beyond its musical appeal, “Te Diré” conveys a meaningful message—one of embracing human imperfection and extending forgiveness for past mistakes. “Its message of embracing our humanness and forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes had touched people’s hearts,” says Rojas. 

This message has struck a chord with audiences, resonating deeply and prompting reflection. “I think we all wish we could make it up for our past failures and mistakes, that it’s important to learn from them, and that learning process makes us better human beings,” he completes.