Canadian Country Star Shawn Oates Offers A Fresh Take on David Lee Murphy’s ‘Dust On the Bottle’

Canadian country star Shawn Oates returns with an homage to the country greats with his rendition of David Lee Murphy’s 90s hit, “Dust On the Bottle.” Oates puts his distinctive touch on this timeless piece, offering audiences a brand-new and captivating listening experience. Check it out on YouTube here:

 Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Oates attributes his resilience and strength to the transformative power of music. His work consistently explores themes of love, life, and happiness; his mission is to spread positivity and inject his blend of soul and emotion into the heart of country music.

After opening for Jess Moskaluke and The Trews, Oates has established his name in the country genre. He continues collaborating with successful songwriters and producers to craft his unique sound. Oates’ recent single, “Spend It On You,” released in August 2023, garnered a significant following and further showcased his ability to connect with listeners.

Expertly breathing new life into this legendary country gem, Oates continues to showcase his artistry and triumphantly solidifies his position as a rising star in the country music scene. He successfully honors the song’s original sound while incorporating his style into the song. Oates shared his excitement after expressing a personal connection to the song, “I had the desire to create my own rendition of what I believe to be one of the finest country songs ever penned. It’s a personal favorite of mine in the genre, and I’ve always harbored the aspiration to produce a recording of it, which I finally did.”

Listen on Spotify here:

 As Oates steps into the spotlight, he invites audiences to join him for a captivating journey of positivity and soul. Whether collaborating with industry heavyweights or opening for established artists, Oates is on a mission to carve out a place in country infamy with his infectious hooks, upbeat honky-tonk, and classic country nods.

Shawn Oates’ version of “Dust On the Bottle” is available on all streaming platforms now.