Rockers Redhead Mack Band Assures Us That Our Luck Is Going To Change on Feel-Good “Once Again”

Sometimes when you’re in a cycle of bad luck, it can seem like nothing is ever going to change. Enter Calgary-based Redhead Mack Band with a little bit of reassurance: It’s all going to be okay. That’s the gist of their pulsing, feel-good new single “Once Again” from their new album You Know That You Want To. Check it out on YouTube:

With percussive electric guitar, a driving beat, and a soaring chorus, “Once Again” begins with the story of someone who feels like they’re locked in an inevitable cycle of broken relationships, all blurring together in the dysfunction of sameness. But then the chorus rushes in with some positivity and a fist pump to remind the narrator – and us – that it will eventually get better:

I’ll take some time, to look around 

Get my feet, on the ground 

I know from here that things will get better 

But right now I just want to forget 

 But I’m here, I’m okay 

 And tomorrow’s a brand new day 

“The song encourages taking time spent alone to recover and reset,” the band explains. “And then it ends – quite happily — looking back over a successful relationship that stands out from everything before.”

So, the moral of the story, essentially, is this: Don’t give up, even if things appear doomed. A little ray of hope, positivity, and good old self-care can go a long way.

Listen on Spotify here:

Redhead Mack Band’s new album You Know That You Want To is a guitar-centric romp centered around the idea that we’re all in this together. Each song on the album encourages listeners to find their own voice, look after each other, and to work together. Diversity doesn’t need to cause division, and peace doesn’t require homogenization. It’s also the sound of four guys having fun!

Redhead Mack Band is a Calgary rock band that sprung out the Covid pandemic. Previously folky Redhead Mack singer Kevin Phillips picked up the electric guitar, and was joined by guitarist Lee Carlson, bass player Jared Wiebe, and drummer Ian Fraser Love. They started making noise together and liked what it was turning into. Their music urges you to let go and just rock the hell out.