iLLAH Unleashes Powerful Lyricism in New Single ‘Desire’ from Upcoming One-Way Mirror Album

iLLAH, also known as Mirazh, is ready to introduce the world to his hard-hitting lyrics and delivery with his new single, “Desire.” After years of honing his skill, iLLAH’s multifaceted talent and reflective lyrics are on full display. Check it out on YouTube here:

Growing up in the NDG neighborhood in Montreal to a Jamaican family, iLLAH draws inspiration from a range of musical genres, from jazz to reggae. His journey into emceeing began when his older brother imparted the art of structuring raps. As a burgeoning young writer, iLLAH seamlessly transitioned from crafting short stories to composing impactful lyrics.

Having honed their craft in the underground scene, iLLAH has already garnered attention for his thought-provoking lyricism. Now, with the imminent release of their highly anticipated One-Way Mirror, fans can expect a musical journey that transcends conventional boundaries with large topics at hand.

iLLAH says about the album, “I spent a lot of time in the studio the last few years, just the music and me, writing, creating, dreaming, reflecting, un-learning and re-learning myself. In that process, I came to a lot of realizations. One thing being that the whole world is a mirror and the only thing you can ever really experience is yourself. We experience the world the way we do because of who we are and how we see things, not because of how it is. Kinda like a one-way mirror.”

Listen on Spotify here:

Freestyle battles, writing sessions, and collaborations with other Canadian artists developed iLLAH’s skills and ultimately led him to record his new singles in studios across Toronto. His catalog reflects a deep love for hip-hop, and now, iLLAH is poised to solidify himself as a household name in the industry.

The single “Desire” was conceived when a friend asked iLLAH about the motivation behind making music. In a moment of introspection, iLLAH felt compelled to create a track exploring the challenges of pursuing your dreams, taking accountability, and achieving success.

The lyrics illustrate a vivid picture of iLLAH’s journey, and the verses showcase the artist’s growth, determination, and burning desire to elevate higher. The backing track and iLLAH’s delivery are reminiscent of 90s hip-hop greats with a modern twist. Together, the track weaves together thoughtful lyrics with a dynamic beat, creating a compelling narrative that invites listeners to reflect on a personal level.

Accompanying “Desire” includes two other singles from iLLAH’s upcoming album, “Ox-Tail & Brown Rice” and “Bless You.” These three singles serve as a preview of the depth, diversity in sound, and deliberation that are currently defining iLLAH’s musical journey.

iLLAH’s skill in his craft is on full display with his most recent singles and promises audiences a listen that is equal parts nostalgic, infectious, and pensive. As he prepares to release his upcoming album, iLLAH invites audiences to a sample of what is yet to come. “Desire,” as well as “Ox-Tail & Brown Rice” and “Bless You,” are streaming on all major platforms now.