Arturo Rojas Ignites Passion with His Latest Single ‘Entre Mi Fuego y Sangre’

Arturo Rojas keeps the music vibes alive after the recent success of “Te Diré” (Song of the Week on Toronto’s Voces Latinas CHHA 1610 AM). Now, he introduces his latest single, “Entre Mi Fuego y Sangre” / “Between My Fire and Blood,” a harmonious fusion of artistry and emotion.

“Entre Mi Fuego y Sangre”, written by Rojas, is a personal artistic expression of positivity, after experiencing a near-death situation. “It made me wonder about life”, the singer shares. “What comes after we die?  Where are we going after death? Is there a place waiting for us after we pass away? But in the end, we need to learn to give…”  Check it out on YouTube here:

Despite drawing inspiration from a challenging life moment, Rojas skillfully channels his emotions into a captivating ballad, effortlessly blending Latin, pop, and jazz influences.

In a heartfelt delivery, he poses reflective questions with the melodic “¿Quién sabe?” (Who knows?), weaving them into enchanting Spanish lyrics. This makes it a subtle yet captivating addition to your daily playlist.

The lyrics and recording process unfolded between Lima (Peru) and Toronto (Canada). Guided by the rhythmic beats of Alex Sarrín on drums and the captivating percussion of Lima-born, Toronto-based Hugo Bravo, the ensemble also features Enderson Herencia on bass, Jimmy Smallbach on guitars, Pepe Céspedes on keys, and the soulful vocals and guitars of Arturo Rojas.

Listen on Spotify here:

The band recorded drums, bass, percussion, keys, and saxophone in Peru, and completed the recording of guitars, and voices in Toronto.

The song reflects on love, loneliness, and the challenge of being genuine.

‘Estamos como ignoraìndonos,
como jugando el juego del amor,
Sabes bien, estoy esperando…
Entre mi fuego y sangre…

Acércate a mí y así verás

Que poco a poco, amor 

Yo te daré todo el calor

Acércate a mí y así verás

Que poco a poco, amor

Yo te daré todo mi amo’

(Translates in English to:

We are ignoring each other,

Like we are playing the game of love,

You know well,

I’m waiting… Between my fire and blood…  

But you look so lonely, intensely lonely,

Burning mysterious, like the sun… 

Killing your smile,

Burning in secret,

Escaping from life, for fear 

I just want to love you,

I want to enter, I want to stay,

I have something to give you, and it is love…’)

The lyrics portray the cautious steps we take in matters of love, feigning indifference to protect against potential rejection—the delicate dance of maintaining a guarded stance, opting for solitude over fully embracing the warmth that love can bring.

Born in Lima, Peru, and currently living in Toronto, Canada, Arturo started the Music Industry, Arts & Performance program at Centennial College in Toronto, from which he graduated with honours. Roja’s original music is distinguished by Latin rhythms, pop/punk melodies, rock guitars, and jazz chords.

At 20, Rojas left Peru for the lively streets of New York City, where he called home for six years. Surrounded by the diverse influences of South America, he delved into in-depth studies of music theory and composition.

It was during these six years that he crafted the songs for his debut album, “Arturo Rojas,” a collection that was released on April 14th, 2023.