Musical Maverick Jamie Ruben Unveils ‘Instrumental Obscenity’ … And Gets A Parental Advisory Sticker On An Instrumental Album

Jamie Ruben, the Toronto-based independent experimental artist with an impressive background in scoring for HBO, Showtime, and various independent projects, is poised to grip music enthusiasts with his groundbreaking debut album, “Instrumental Obscenity.” This release promises to be a unique sonic revelation that challenges the boundaries of instrumental music, even with getting a Parental Advisory sticker….on an album of instrumentals.

“Instrumental Obscenity” is far from your typical instrumental album; it’s a transformative auditory experience in both the exploration of sound and form. It will take you on an unprecedented journey. Known for his emotive soundscapes featured on platforms like HBO, Showtime, and independent projects. Jamie Ruben has pushed the envelope of traditional instrumentals, crafting what one reviewer aptly described as “easily the sassiest instrumentals ever.”

Film Beat Jamie Ruben:

This project began as a bold extension of Ruben’s film-inspired compositional work but soon evolved into a fusion of coarse vocal hooks, conceptual filmic layers and pulsating jazzy hip-hop beats, as he collaborated with musicians and vocalists from around the globe to create a tapestry of sound and culture, woven together to create a genre-defying soundscape.

The album features a minimalist vocal concept, focusing on hooks that express universal themes in a fluid musical form. It’s an artistic journey that spans the spectrum of human experience and emotions. To add a personal touch, Jamie Ruben enlisted the artistic talents of his 11-year-old son, Jaden Ruben, for the cover art. Jaden’s abstract creation, a reflection of his experience during the album’s creation, adds an extra layer of creativity to the project.

Listen on Spotify here;

 Set to revolutionize the way we perceive instrumental music “Instrumental Obscenity” is a bold step into uncharted territory, where music transcends boundaries, defies convention, and challenges the status quo.

Prepare to embark on a sonic adventure like no other.