Baby Molly Releases Debut Album “All The People You Could Become Are Dying Every Day”

Emerging musical artist Baby Molly, known for their unique blend of alternative rock and introspective lyrics, is set to release their debut album titled “All The People You Could Become Are Dying Every Day.”  Check it out on YouTube here:

This album, written and performed by Baby Molly, promises to be a poignant exploration of life’s unpredictability and the impact of unexpected loss.

Recorded in the vibrant musical hub of Vancouver, BC, “All The People You Could Become Are Dying Every Day” is a nine-track masterpiece that explores the depths of human emotions. The album boasts exceptional mixing by Kyle Black (known for his work with Paramore, State Champs, and more) and mastering by Andrew Downton (credited with Bryan Adams, Dave Grohl, and others).

Listen on Spotify here:

Inspired by the tragic loss of their father in November 2022, Baby Molly embarked on a creative journey to craft an album that mirrors the rollercoaster of emotions experienced during grief.

They deliberately chose the album format to provide listeners with a cohesive and immersive experience, taking them from moments of mania to introspection and self-exploration, ultimately leading to a newfound perspective on life and mortality.

At the core of this album lies a profound exploration of the infinite paths that life could take and how these possibilities gradually diminish as we journey through life. Baby Molly’s contemplation of multiverses, choices, and the fleeting nature of existence adds a unique and

thought-provoking layer to their music.

Speaking about the album, Baby Molly shares, “The people we could become are fading away with each passing day. I’ve pondered the paths not taken and how our choices shape our lives. Losing my dad added another layer to this – the realization that those who raise us are also mortal.”

To celebrate the release, Baby Molly will be hitting the road, taking their music on tour across Canada this fall and venturing into the United Kingdom in spring 2024. Fans can expect an electrifying live experience that goes beyond the music, fostering a sense of togetherness and inclusivity.

Baby Molly’s artistic journey is a testament to the power of music to connect with people on a profound level. Their music combines elements of singer-songwriter and epic emo alternative/indie rock, drawing inspiration from iconic acts like Say Anything, Against Me!, The Killers and The 1975. Baby Molly champions individuality, challenging societal norms and advocating for self-love.