Prepare to Be Enchanted by Liona Boyd’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ Album and Win a Guitar in Her Remarkable Giveaway

 Liona Boyd, affectionately known as “The First Lady of the Guitar,” is set to captivate music lovers worldwide with her upcoming album, “Once Upon A Time.” This enchanting musical journey results from a five-year creative voyage, offering listeners a realm of nostalgia, beauty, and timeless imagination. What makes this release even more remarkable is the simultaneous launch of a generous guitar giveaway initiative sponsored by Liona Boyd in collaboration with Yamaha and Long & McQuade music stores.

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Boyd’s latest album, “Once Upon A Time,” is a captivating fusion of influences and experiences that have shaped her musical world. Inspired by a Schubert nocturne heard in a European château and influenced by the iconic Enya, her compositions are born from contemplative moments during solo walks in Palm Beach, Florida. Notably, the legendary Maestro Vangelis played a pivotal role in inspiring this album, offering praise for Boyd’s melodies and production during a visit to his Paris home in 2019.

 The album includes reimagined works from Boyd’s earlier compositions, showcasing her artistic evolution and Peter Bond’s beautiful production. “Once Upon A Time” is Liona Boyd’s first release in Dolby Atmos, providing a unique auditory experience. The Atmos mixes will be available on Apple Music, enhancing the album’s immersive qualities.

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To celebrate the album’s release, Liona Boyd is sponsoring a classical guitar giveaway in partnership with Long & McQuade music stores and Yamaha. Thirty high-quality classical guitars, each retailing at $700, will be gifted to aspiring students across Canada in frNovember 6 through December 2023. Boyd’s initiative aims to encourage parents to introduce the gift of music to their children, providing them with a treasured instrument capable of changing lives and offering solace during difficult times. 

Liona Boyd shared her motivation behind this initiative: “A classical guitar can be a great friend and provide therapy to alleviate mental stress during challenging times. It is one of the best investments parents can make for their children.”

Five-time Juno Award winner, Liona Boyd has enthralled millions with her romantic and unique brand of classical, folk and world music. She has performed solo and orchestral concerts around the world, had her own television specials, performed for many heads of state, and recorded thirty albums, many of which have gone Gold and Platinum. Liona has been given five Honorary Doctorates, made an Officer of The Order of Canada and awarded The Order of Ontario and Diamond Jubilee Medal. She is a five-time winner of the Guitar Player Magazine poll for best classical guitarist, is a member of the Gallery of Greats, and was recently given a Lifetime Achievement award in the USA by the National Guitar Museum. Liona has composed and arranged hundreds of pieces for the guitar and has written two best-selling autobiographies and a children’s book. Since 2008 Liona has been touring and recording as a singer and songwriter bringing a new dimension to her art and career of over forty-five years.

Despite the challenge of Musician’s Focal Dystonia in 2002, a condition resulting from musical instrument overplaying, Boyd’s unwavering spirit led her to overcome adversity. Her career is a continuous source of inspiration for generations of guitarists, a testament to her determination and passion for music.

Liona Boyd’s “Once Upon A Time” album along with the single and music video for “Nocturne” are now available.