Composer Bill Brennan Releases Captivating Album ‘Kaleidoscope’ Showcasing Original Mallet Instrument Compositions

Canadian composer and classical musician, Bill Brennan, is set to unveil the release of his new album “Kaleidoscope.” The St. John’s, Newfoundland native’s latest creation is a captivating collection of original compositions for mallet instruments, predominantly featuring the marimba and vibraphone. 

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 “Kaleidoscope” draws from Brennan’s rich career as a performer of contemporary new music and jazz, and from his vast experience and appreciation of music from various cultures around the world. When describing the new album, the two-time MusicNL Jazz and Blues Album Award winner says, “I want to acknowledge the music of Ghana, Brazil, Indonesia, and India. I have been fortunate to have great teachers and mentors from these countries, and my musical life has been immensely enriched because of them and their music.”

Collaborating with highly acclaimed musicians Rob Power and Étienne Gendron, Brennan’s virtuoso performances resonate with beauty, sensitivity, and integrity revealing this album as a unique, one-of-a-kind musical experience.

Bill Brennan has been hailed as “a central figure in this country’s music” by The Toronto Star, as his musical talents as a pianist, percussionist, composer, arranger and producer can be heard on over 120 albums to date. With numerous accolades to his name, including the 2019 MusicNL Jazz and Blues Award for his album “I’ll Be Seeing You” with Andrea Koziol, and the MusicNL Instrumental Album of the Year in 2008 for “Solo Piano 2,” his contribution to the world of music is unparalleled. 

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Having collaborated with renowned artists and institutions, including the Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan, Andy Stochansky, Kevin Breit, Oliver Schroer, and Tafelmusik, Brennan’s versatility shines through in various genres, from classical to jazz, folk, and world music. He has performed with esteemed organizations such as the National Ballet, New Music Concerts, Continuum, and the Canadian Opera Company. Brennan has also been a composer for CBC’s The Nature of Things and musical director for The Vinyl Café and for countless stage productions including Chicago, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Evita which cemented his status as a prominent figure in Canadian culture.

Over the course of his illustrious 35+ year career as an entertainer, Brennan has graced audiences across the globe, captivating listeners in North America, Indonesia, Austria, Germany, France, Japan, Norway, the Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Portugal, and Switzerland. A relentless explorer of new ideas and creations, Brennan’s boundless curiosity ensures that his musical journey remains an ever-evolving and enlightening experience.