Athens/London Singer-Songwriter Lara Eidi Releases Empowering New Single “Breathe Love” From Debut Album Sun

Singer-songwriter Lara Eidi soars high with the release of her latest single “Breathe Love” from her debut album Sun, out September 4 on Pastiche Records. With its genre-defying sound and heartfelt lyrics, the song is a testament to Eidi’s unique artistic vision and creative prowess. Check it out on YouTube here:

Relocating to Athens, Greece from London, England during the pandemic, Eidi found herself in the city’s streets and gathering inspiration during her daily walks. These moments led Eidi to confront her fears and rediscover her true voice. She felt empowered to create music that reflected her courage and resilience on her journey of self-discovery.

“Breathe Love is about embracing every single side of oneself. The shy, the free, the brave, the timid, the wanderer, the observer, the giver and the receiver,” says Eidi. A highly versatile multi – instrumentalist. Eidi composes in a manner that builds on drawing the listener’s attention starting with the simple to the highly complex. `Starting with a piano riff , Eidi’s dexterity as a pianist set the foundation for the development of ‘Breathe Love’ . Influenced by the diversity of artists such as Jose James, Chet Faker and Laila Biali , she managed to fuse 90s dub feels with enlisting Fatis on drums, whilst floating vocally over each beat, developing the sound by layering one vocal overlay at a time, ending with strings soaring into an emotional crescendo to juxtapose Eidi’s intricate and dynamic 14 vocal harmonies.

Listen on Spotify here:

 The music video for “Breathe Love” was filmed in an urban park in Athens by Petros Ioannidis and features dancer and performer Demelza. The video visually captures the essence of embracing one’s multifaceted self as two sides merge into one voice and movement. Eidi and Demelza breathe love back out to the universe, symbolizing the unity and strength found within oneself. “When I sat down to come up with a concept for this video, I could immediately picture movement and a dancer. So, I invited the stellar Demelza who features as my ‘other side’ in this video. The two ‘sides’ come together as sisters, as one voice, one movement, breathing love back out to the universe,” says Eidi.

To make up the album Sun, Eidi revisited old unreleased songs like “Forgive,” “Tide,” and “Sun” along with unfinished tracks such as “Damien” and “Hang On.” Additionally, she crafted new compositions like “Hello Gravity,” “Breathe Love,” and “Maybe Then.” Each song is layered with raw emotions and honest storytelling. The album captures Lara’s growth, vulnerability, and resilience in the face of personal challenges.

To bring her vision to life, aside from performing lead and backing vocals switch between piano and guitar as a multi -instrumentalist, Lara assembled a group of exceptionally talented musicians from Athens’s diverse music scene. Collaborating with drummer Petros Fatis,bassist Harrys Pandazis, cellist Stavros Parginos, cellist Eirini Anastasiou, violinist Catherine Tepelena, and violinist Tasos Gousetis, Eidi created a rich and dynamic sound that perfectly complements her storytelling.

Eidi is an artist known for her genre-bending style and captivating presence that is on display in her new single “Breathe Love.” Her ability to connect with audiences on a profound level coupled with her powerful voice and evocative songwriting has made her debut album Sun a piece that showcases her artistic evolution and delivers a message of hope, empowerment, and freedom.

‘Breathe Love’ is out on all digital platforms on August 4, with the full album Sun set for release September 4 via Pastiche Records.