Italian-Born, Dominican Republic-Based Rising Star Shiny Glide Keeps the Momentum Going With “The Best Has Yet To Come”

Italian-born, Dominican Republic-based emerging artist Shiny Glide continues to mesmerize audiences with his latest synth-rock single about having hope on the horizon for a better day, with the title track on his new album, “The Best Has Yet To Come” – Check it out on YouTube here:

Dripping with ‘80’s synths and anthemic guitar solos, “The Best Is Yet To Come” is Shiny Glide’s latest release, maintaining his artistic momentum as THE internationally-minded musician to watch out for.

The inspiration for the song “The Best Is Yet To Come” came from Shiny Glide’s unwavering faith and optimism in the face of adversity. “What I learned is that once you fall in love with your dream and your art, faith and hope become a bigger and bigger inspiration in expanding your soul and evolving spiritually.”

Listen on Spotify here:

 The album, “The Best Is Yet To Come,” began to come together during the global pandemic when lockdowns were in full effect. “I started recording the album in the place where I grew up, Southern Italy, an ugly and boring town called San Giorgio Ionico, near Taranto, the town in which I was born.” As the lockdowns persisted and the world became still, Shiny Glide made the best of his situation and got to work. “I spent most of my time inside the house working on my music in my home studio. Also went out for some walks in some beautiful parks by the sea to enjoy nature, meditate and exercise,” says Shiny Glide

All tracks on “The Best Is Yet To Come” were recorded in southern Italy, except for “Untamed” and “Invisible Child,” which were recorded in the Dominican Republic, where Shiny Glide currently resides.

Shiny Glide is very clear on the philosophy behind “The Best Is Yet To Come” and what it means to his listeners. “No matter how hard and dark life may be, I always have faith and hope because I love to create music and share it. My faith goes far and high and is bigger than all enemies and obstacles and goes beyond our experience on this planet,” says Shiny Glide

This mindset behind “The Best Is Yet To Come” can be felt most in Shiny Glide’s melancholic lyrics that acknowledge how we must break ourselves down in order to be reborn and hopeful for the future.”

“I’ve seen it all, I’ve done it all,

I’ve been in jail, I’ve been at war,

I’ve got no ego, I’ve got no pride,

don’t need to die to be reborn in my own sky.”

Shiny Glide is the stage name of Italian American musician Antony Venneri. Venneri is a recording artist, poet, and songwriter with international playing experience and a restless, free spirit he’s had since an early age. He has been living, recording, and performing his music in places like Champaign Urbana in Illinois and New Orleans, where he formed a duo called Why Not. After which, he lived and performed in Los Angeles, Dublin, Rome and Philadelphia as a bohemian, stateless charismatic figure, and wandering minstrel.

Venneri always used to carry his guitar, his music CDs and poetry books anywhere he had a chance to share his art, especially in the streets of Rome and Dublin, where he performed with the stage name of “Seagull” in the best music clubs such as The Da Club and The Olympia Theater.

Shiny Glide is a self-taught guitar player and keyboard player with an ear, a natural talent, and a profound love for music composing and poetry. His genre influences include rock, classical music, Oriental music, jazz, and blues. Venneri continues to be a relentless artist while championing human rights with his work, “I dedicate this album to all the oppressed people like me in this world where it matters too much how rich you are and where you come from or if you have supportive families.”