Embark On A Transformative Journey with WRENÉ’s Ethereal Vocals and Synth-Laced Pop Melodies In “METAMORPHOSIS”

Pop music; synth-laced, ethereal vocals. It’s a new soundscape. It’s an entirely new genre. It’s anti-pop, if you ask Wrené. Anti-pop, experimental electronic, avante-garde, dark ambient, electronica. It’s a metamorphosis of blended genres to create something undefined. This is Wrené; well-engaged in a mission to redefine how we interpret music while sending a message of light and hope.

And that’s precisely what she’s doing on her latest drop, “Metamorphosis.”

Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psXjnHRHJXI

“With this single release, I want to offer a multifaceted perspective on the healing process and to reach those who are struggling with their mental health,” Wrené explains. “My criticism of commercial music and artists that attempt to be a part of this cause is that the work is rarely vulnerable or bold enough to honour and display the many turbulent emotions that so many people struggle with in silence.”

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5dfUXoL5ngUdc1OoBaIVis?si=3316fa27fc9546df&nd=1

The single is the second precedent release to the Metamorphosis LP. The track is a “sonic exploration through the process of change and the perspective that comes with passing time,” Wrené offers. “There is a message in the song about renewal and growth,” she continues, adding: “but also acceptance of what is and what will always be. As a single, it represents the change of the season to spring and can represent new beginnings, expansion, and wholeness.”

As a trifecta of unparalleled talent, Wrené is an actor, a poet, and a vocalist; the latter of which she is fluent in a multitude of singing techniques. Her creative flair for pushing genre boundaries and consistently infusing surrealism into her bodies of work pushes her to continually break ground on storytelling through song and performance. Each track she pens presents a story. And each story is told with the addition of foley sounds, original sounds and subliminal messages.

“‘Metamorphosis’ is a complex arrangement of sampled orchestral instruments, synth textures, microrhythms, and manipulated vocals,” Wrené says. “The idea and challenge to produce this track was to create an atmosphere that breathes and has an organic quality, despite being entirely electronic.” Wrené is thoughtful in the representation of her sound and her message – each of her songs embodies a universal truth married with the conscious decision to “disregard lyrical and visual boundaries” which permits freedom of expression; celebrating strength in emotional vulnerability.

Wrené paints the canvas of “Metamorphosis” with an abstract brush; colours that both mix and mingle. She dares to intertwine unconventionality in her approach to soundscape. “Most sounds, if not sampled, had been created from scratch, using software,” Wrené reveals. “Metamorphosis” is a haunting ballad, making full use of her sonic expression.

Wrené’s vocals shimmer on the track – from breath sounds, to layering, to stacked harmonies and chants, her voice invokes the listener. Culls them like a siren with a spell; coaxing the heart to yearn for more. “The inspiration was to have the voice become unearthly and to be expressed as an entity or higher being while delivering the message to ‘embrace change’,” Wrené says.

The only constant is change.

And Wrené offers that through “Metamorphosis”.