20,000 Streams in 24 Hours: Singapore-Based Matilde G Scorns Heartbreak In New Single “Hypocrite”

Heartbreak can be a painful experience, especially when a break up leaves young women feeling like they’re the one that is broken.

Italian-born, Singaporean based singer Matilde G sheds some new light on heartbreak in her latest single and music video “Hypocrite” produced by Karl-Oskar Gummesson from The Kennel AB and co-written with Josefin Glenmark and Isak Alvedahl. 

Watch and listen to “Hypocrite” on YouTube here:


 With hip-hop influenced pop beats sprinkled with a pinch of piano, Matilde G renounces the notion that she is nothing without her former lover. He ended up being no good for her and she knows she deserves better, so why wallow in self-pity?

“But you’re holding me back

No you’re no good for me

And your making hard for me to pull out of your gravity

you broke me but I still come back for round three now”

Matilde G’s goal is to help other young women not reduce themselves to being victims when they break up from an unfaithful lover.

“This song is about a guy who cheated on me. This is sadly a current topic for those who live teen-relationships. Am I the victim of a hypocritical guy? The cheater is a victim of himself and his lies. Better to kick back and go further with strength and awareness of your own value, which is never determined by others.” she says.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/0Rdpjv9mfhUysdwCOA9CyJ?si=26be34d9717a4e0c&nd=1

The music video for “Hypocrite” defies the bleakness associated with heartbreak through bright colors and Matilde G gleefully dancing, relaxing, and dismissing a former lover. Through this, she reclaims her inner peace and her own sense of self-worth.

“I wrote Hypocrite to send a strong message to those who have been cheated on: do not be ashamed because the true loser is the cheater!” she explained. “I went through painful experiences that marked me but also made me stronger and more determined not to allow anyone to manipulate me and hurt me.”

“Hypocrite” is Matilde G’s fourth single after “Digging For Diamonds”, “MilkN’Honey”, and “Doorbell”. In 2022, her singles were streamed by 5 million people on Spotify with 100,000 monthly listeners, demonstrating her status as a renowned international musical artist in Europe and Asia.

Since moving to Singapore with her family in 2019, she has gradually made a name for herself as a singer and model. Most notably, she has performed in Asian theaters such as the famous Nagoya Theatre in Japan and ‘Scape In Singapore. Recently, she wrote and recorded five new singles at “The Kennel” studios in Stockholm that are slated for release in 2023.