Melbourne, Australia-Based Artist Aroly Tariq Releases Modern Trip-Hop Ballad “Perspective”

Aroly Tariq invites the listener into a rich sonic and visual landscape with her latest single, “Perspective,” and its mesmerizing accompanying film clip. “Perspective” is a mellow trip-hop ballad with a distinctly modern flair, weaving trap-inspired beats with electronic elements, unexpected samples and ethereal vocals. Tariq interprets the sound within the visual structure of the animated film clip, a stunning tableau in motion she brought to life using the multimedia programming tool Touch Designer.

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“Perspective” is the Melbourne-based artist’s third single as a solo artist and producer. Tariq is known for intertwining traditional and AI art and digital animation with her music, crafting unique sonic and visual experiences for her audience. The award-winning songwriter and producer has performed at festivals such as CMW, St Kilda Fest, Melbourne Music Week and Peats Ridge. She’s also collaborated with artists such as Audego, Funkstörung and Coy Haste (Caribou), Pasobionic, and Joelistics, receiving nods from outlets including Pigeons and Planes, The Fader, BBC Radio 1 and Triple J.

Both “Perspective” and its accompanying visuals are a reflection on experiencing heartbreak from an elevated viewpoint. “The meaning behind the track ‘Perspective’ is based on the point-of-view shift of, ‘Don’t be sad it’s gone, be grateful it happened,’ and I wanted the sonic movements to represent that,” Tariq says.

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Tariq’s lyrics turn the traditional breakup ballad on its head, fully embracing the experience of a love that didn’t work out rather than pushing away the pain it caused.

“Forever, never seemed so far with you/ It’s over, forever never came/ But I felt love/ I felt love/ With you/ I felt love/ My heart was beating inside yours,” she croons.

The wistful hopefulness is beautifully captured visually as the structure of the tableau slowly expands, inviting a kind of transcendence as Tariq’s gossamer melodies guide the way.

Just as “Perspective” invites emotional growth through introspection, Tariq is exploring her own artistic development as a solo artist. “I produced and visually created everything, which is a beautiful way to execute a concept, because there’s no artistic compromise, as opposed to working collaboratively with others,” Tariq says.

Tariq says she learns more about production with each song she makes. On “Perspective,” it was the introduction of a horn sample she found most surprising: “I never thought I would use a horn sample, but this song really would be empty without it, and it’s also a reminder that songs tend to write themselves and find their own way as they grow,” she says.