Breakout Pittsburgh Based Pop/Rap Artist Bryce Luckie Unveils Debut Album With Party Anthem “Levytate”

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Bringing life to the adage “less is more,” Bryce Luckie master’s the concept of minimalism as he delivers perfect flow. Clean cut 808’s and driving trap cadence is the foundation of Bryce Luckie’s newest single, “Levytate.” – check it out on YouTube here:

Signaling the release of his debut album, Bryce Luckie unveils his prowess for musicianship through the release of H Y M.

However, choosing “Levytate” as the catalyst for success is no easy feat. One listen through Bryce’s inaugural album uncovers a well of sonic pleasure. Staying true to minimalist productions in order to remain in tune with his true feelings, Bryce chases the rawness that comes with simplicity.

Listen on Spotify here:

“The album was recorded over the course of about a year and a half. I was beating myself up trying to conceptualize a cohesive project, scrapping idea after idea. All the while, I was continuously creating new stuff; some of the ideas came much more naturally than others. It wasn’t until the second week of October I realized that the cohesiveness that I was looking for was rooted in these nine songs that I had created.”

“Levytate” is the opening track on Bryce’s nine-track album, teasing what is to come at the starting point of this breakthrough artist’s story.

The clean production value adds to the natural abilities Bryce possesses when it comes to studio time. Emboding the spirit of a true party anthem, “Levytate” feels like something that would be featured in Euphoria’s classic party scenes. A humble fusion of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean brings us to Bryce’s signature style of bare-bones productions.

Bryce reflects on the production of “Levytate,”

“Up until this point, it had been quite some time since I had made a rap song. But being so directly inspired by a night of bottle service, heavy bass, and dancing on couches in the section, I felt it was too true to where I was to avoid. ‘Levytate” sets up the theme of the project perfectly. Every time we did a take, I was covered in goosebumps purely off the energy of the song. It’s raw, but it is an egocentric eruption that I am both proud and concerned about. It’s one of those things where I listen to it, I can’t believe it’s me. Especially when it is lined up to the rest of the songs…”

In his own words, Bryce describes his music as “I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore” type beats.