D2UR Are Ready To Turn Up The Amps And “Live Again” With New Single

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

D2UR are firing up the amplifiers with their latest rock offering, “Live Again” – check it out on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/ksHWnOdYS-Q

Following up their smash, “Right Now”, D2UR are turning up the volume on their newest single. “Live Again” features Diane Isbister’s powerhouse vocals, mingled with husband Mike’s rock riffs. The track is an open highway fist pump – the unleashing of a former life and heading out to find a new one.

“Diane, who had found some of my old lyrics, conjured up this song,” explains Mike, adding: “The foundations for the song were strummed on her acoustic guitar, and then the parts were performed and recorded by myself and Diane in our demo studio using our editing software.” John Colborn and David Sikorski would round out the track before it headed into production.

“‘Live Again’ is about us getting back on our feet after a long run with the pandemic, and our desire to restore things back to the norm. As we rise again, we hope to unleash ourselves from all the rules and fight to restore our lives. We all want to live again … some of us want to live on forever,” the band says.

“Unleash yourself, we gotta fight to the finish

Unleash yourself take my hand, show me

Unleash yourself cause I’m ready to live again

Yeah I’m ready … to live …”

The track bursts out of its seam; building to a crescendo that tears apart conventionality or conformity. As is the messaging of D2UR music, “Live Again” takes no prisoners. From the lyrics to the harmony, layering of rock elements, Mike’s slide, and the electric riffs, “Live Again” forges forward and unbending in its delivery. D2UR lace the track with a southern rock punch, and alternative flair. It leaps from the speakers, and requests you play it on repeat.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/7x7EJDzN1tfT02GUH8XhQs?si=64391f3c83f547ea&nd=1

Whether your headphones, or car stereo speakers – enjoy two tickets to the D2UR show. This rock outfit is prepared to make you want to “Live Again”.