Pop-Country Songstress Bree Taylor Offers Hope for the Lonely-Hearted in Soaring Single “My Last Breath” 

It can be demoralizing to go through a string of disappointing dating experiences and be left empty-hearted and empty-handed. Pop-country songstress Bree Taylor wrote her latest single “My Last Breath” with that frustration in mind, and as a salve for the desire to give up. “My Last Breath” is merely one song of perseverance on an entire album, Dauntless, dedicated to fearlessness.

Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doLIcBXQVEk

 A soaring pop song with just the right amount of country jangle and twang, “My Last Breath” is a stream of sunlight in a dark room, a ray of hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

“Have you found that special someone that you’ll love until your last breath after tons of heartbreak?” Taylor inquires in the adjoining caption to the music video on her YouTube channel. “Maybe you’re still going through disappointing dating experiences and haven’t found them yet. I hope this song resonates with you no matter your relationship status, because I wrote it when I was not in a place of feeling this beautiful love, but it gave me HOPE that I could one day have that BIG ‘love you until my very last breath’ kind of love.”

Listen to Spotify on here: https://open.spotify.com/album/19DWloRYchgoqHDZyr0BJU?si=87799363b6db4c1f&nd=1

 Even with its big, bold production and wailing guitars, the shining star of “My Last Breath” is Taylor’s voice, captured in its rich honey tones and whiskey notes, and also in its deep empathy and feeling. In the video, Taylor walks through sunflower fields during the golden hour, enjoying the beauty of her surroundings – and the beauty of her own company. You get the distinct sense that Bree Taylor is rooting for your lonely heart – even if it’s on the other side of the world – and that big, beautiful love she knows you’re going to find, even if right now that just means a deeper relationship with yourself.

“My Last Breath” is the final single off Taylor’s debut album Dauntless, representing her metamorphosis as a person and an artist. “Dauntless was chosen as a title because the word encompasses who I have become as a person and as an artist in being bold, fearless, courageous and unapologetically me,” Taylor explains. “It represents coming into who I am and standing up for myself and what I believe in and not being told who to be or having to fit someone else’s mold of who they think I should be.”

Dauntless kicks off on an upbeat, exuberant note with “Turn It Up” – “I need a guitar/ pedal to the metal/ and a fast car” – celebrating life, and the love of music. “Burning Bridges” (which soared to No. 1 on the Canadian Indie charts in October 2020) promotes forward movement, and the willingness to keep going despite any roadblocks. Then, with its laid-back chorus of “put your beers up in the air,” “Sha La La” comes along as an ode to fun, and memorable nights out full of live music, karaoke, and, yes, plenty of beer! The smash hit “Kryptonite” – which yielded a second No. 1 hit on the charts, along with nominations for “Song of the Year,” “Video of the Year,” and “Best New Artist” from the Mississauga Music Awards – is about an addictive relationship that’s wrong even though it feels so right.

Meanwhile, the heartbreaking “Cry” hit No. 2 on the Indie charts, and it captures the healing power of a good cry before you dust yourself off and move on. The shimmering “Drive” goes back to the theme of putting the pedal to the metal, about a revitalizing road trip with your best girlfriends. “On My Own” further encapsulates dauntlessness, in an introspective examination of trusting oneself and going it alone. The album concludes on the aforementioned “My Last Breath,” simultaneously about a life-changing love, and the aching desire for it before it arrives.

With commanding vocals, and ability to resonate, Taylor is an ode to a young Shania, or Trisha YearwoodFor Taylor, singing, writing, and performing were built into her DNA and, by the age of six, the soon-to-be breakout artist was already exhibiting signs of being a musician. Despite her hearing impairment, she found her voice, and eventually trained with the legendary vocal coach to the stars, Bob Garrett (Los Angeles) and Lorraine Lawson (Toronto, ‘The Launch’), and released a debut EP Unbreakable in 2019, before releasing her full debut this year.

Bree also holds philanthropic causes close to her heart. Supporting and bringing awareness to mental health, human equality and poverty, Bree recently kicked off her new concert series ‘Cheers & Beers’ on June 10th, 2022, in support of TenFed and Kids Against Hunger Canada, helping to feed children and families suffering from food insensitivity in Canada and across the globe.