Canadian Pop Artist Jaylen Bradley Captures the Acute Pain of Being Burned Twice In Love with Introspective “Games”

The absolute worst in matters of the heart is when you tell someone about relationship pain you’ve experienced, and they end up doing the exact same thing to you. That’s what Jaylen Bradley’s new single “Games” is all about, and it’s bound to resonate deeply with anyone who’s been burned twice. Check it out on YouTube here:

 Bradley’s gorgeous, crystalline soprano cascades through melancholy piano and mellow beats, as she takes us on a journey of a collapsing romance.

I’ll tell you what I’ve been through, tell me what’s your move 

That point in time when it felt so right and 

I was addicted to the old you, hate the guy that came through 

Sometimes the hardest part in a situation like this is the cognitive dissonance – the hearts and mind’s desire to not believe that this is actually happening … again. The song is based on real situation in Bradley’s life, which is why it rings so true.

“I wanted to capture the idea of missing the version of him that made me happy, and that’s where the lyric ‘Addicted to the old you, hate the guy that came through’ comes from,” Bradley said. “It became hard because of how badly I wanted to be with him, yet how incredibly sick I was of the games he was playing.”

Listen on Spotify here:

Overall, “Games” is a song about finding your inner compass and reconnecting with your self-respect, even when someone else is actively trying to tear it down. “The song should help people understand that what can happen between two people isn’t always your fault,” Bradley advises. “It’s a song about self-worth, realizing that that person was never right for you. Realizing exactly what happened.”

Jaylen Bradley is a 18-year-old pop sensation based out of Toronto, Canada. For the last six years, Jaylen has been singing and making music through several outlets, most notably K-Tel’s Mini Pop Kids as a star soloist on the Mini Pop Kids 15 album. She was also a performer on their 2018 Make It Pop tour, consisting of 15 sold-out dates in concert theatres across Canada. Since branching out to start her solo career, Jaylen has played many shows such as the VCR Virtual Concert series in 2021 in addition to releasing original music.

Jaylen’s influences range from ballad artists like Adele, James Arthur, and Lewis Capaldi, all while maintaining energetic pop production like Olivia Rodrigo and Loud Luxury. Jaylen’s first single “Last Summer” was released in August 2020, and she has more singles to be looking out for leading up to the launch of her debut EP.