Jordana Of Earth Tells You Only What You “Need To Know” In New Single

Toronto-based Electro-pop R&B music sensation Jordana of Earth transports listeners with melancholy romance and light smoky vocals to tell a vulnerable tale of distance and its effect on love with the ethereal single “Need To Know” – check it out on YouTube here:

 Fueled by her own lived experiences, this is Jordana of Earth’s 3rd single from her expertly crafted debut EP “10k,” a deeply personal voyage that sonically soothes the soul. “Each track off the EP hits different moments and feelings within a relationship running its course,” she explains.

“Need To Know” is the latest hit following the success of the EP’s first two singles, the percussive “So Bad” and the hip-hop-inspired “Hibiscus Flower” featuring Toronto artist Roshin.

Listen on Spotify here:

Produced and recorded in collaboration with several top-tier Toronto artists, “10k” was conceived as a cohesive narrative. “When I was going through which songs to include on the project, the selection just built itself naturally because everything already made sense together,” says Jordana. “They were all part of the same story.”

While Jordana of Earth flexes her sound production skills on a couple of tracks, the musical pieces seamlessly fell into place with the assistance of Toronto producers Tim North (JRDN, Eldzhey), Urstruli (Roy Woods), Joff Wood (Derek Wise), and Jaiden Davis Jones (Ralph).

“Need To Know” is a seduction of the senses with a slower tempo and harmonic textures to get under the skin. “The song is a pleading ballad about wanting to stay close from a distance, with someone who is away for lengths of time.” Jordana of Earth gives a transcendent performance with richly layered vocals and a deliberate message.

“I don’t wanna fight this

I don’t wanna run away or doubt you

But I need to know that you’re right here

Feeling the love when you’re not here.”

“I love working with others on the music and production, but the vocal melodies and lyrics are usually finalized when I have some moments of the process to myself,” says Jordana about her songwriting process. “This allows me to really tap into what I’m trying to say and how my story flows with the music.”

When considering the visuals for “Need To Know,” Jordana of Earth linked up with Jamie Lynn Steele to produce the official music video. With an opening nod to Sofia Coppola’s classic picture, The Virgin Suicides, Jordana and Steele were united in their vision for the video.

“Jamie and I developed this image of a wayward girl living on the road, calling out for someone who never seems to come,” says Jordana. “We very organically channelled and curated a very distinct vibe, something that we were both tapping into. Nostalgic, feminine, imperfect, and a little self-destructive.”

Jordana of Earth is a singer/songwriter/producer from Toronto with a distinct voice that weaves R&B, Pop, and Trip-Hop influences to create something entirely new. A fearless, multi-disciplined artist inspired to start from a young age, Jordana found instant success with her debut single, “Leave the Light On” (produced by Jeff Crake, DVSN).

With the support of her city behind her and several features across multiple Spotify playlists and radio stations across Canada, there is no stopping the momentum of this modern renaissance artist.