Toronto Based GROWERS Bring High Energy To “TTYL” New Single

Energy-based band and Pop Punk pioneers GROWERS showcase their new single ‘TTYL’. Released in September 2022, ‘TTYL’ is the second single from GROWERS’ new EP ‘Cry Baby’ coming soon in Winter 2023.

The four-piece rock outfit features the Toronto talent of lead vocalist Charlie Joy, guitarist Matt Raitt, drummer Chris Raitt, and bassist Nate Clapinson. Born in 2019 and residing in Toronto, Canada, GROWERS have had a plethora of successful shows including winning a battle of the bands in 2019 and playing a string of sold-out shows in Toronto following the global pandemic (Horseshoe Tavern, El Mocambo, and Lee’s Palace). In 2020, the band would continue their success by winning a $2,000 grant from Corus Entertainment for their single and music video ‘The 90’s’.

Check out TTYL here:

Speaking of the 90s, GROWERS have channeled their sound straight from this late era with a little bit of the early 2000s thrown in for good measure. Pop Punk at its finest with hints of Blink 182, Weezer, and Fall Out Boy throughout their sound. Crunchy AF guitars, popping bass, and bouncing drums all fall into place with the sound of GROWERS. Vocalist Charlie Joy sounds expressive and powerful releasing more energy than the Duracell Bunny.

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‘TTYL’ arrives straight from the early 2000s and is the second single from their upcoming EP ‘Cry Baby’. Penned by guitarist Matt Raitt, the song went through those musical processes you always hear about, allowing producer Brad Nelson (Billy Talent, the Headstones, and Alanis Morrisette) to bring some input to the single by changing the verse sections. Matt enlisted Charlie to rewrite the verse and pre-chorus sections, allowing ‘TTYL’ to be brought into the light in its truest form. With a huge response from GROWERS fans at every live show, the band knew that this one was going to be made into a single.

With an intro chorus of searing vocals, stabby guitars, and blooming drums, ‘TTYL’ lifts off right from the beginning. Traditional 90s guitar and bass down-strums throughout the verses keep the pacing before launching into another soaring chorus. The energy that ‘TTYL’ brings to the room is enough to power Toronto on its own. An accompanying music video will be released in late October 2022. Directed by Matt Raitt, the band has said that the ‘TTYL’ video meets the demands of TikTok fans and is perfect for the platform with its quick cuts and visually stimulating content.

‘TTYL’ is released by GROWERS in Fall 2022, and to support the release, the band have almost wrapped-up their micro-tour of Southern Ontario—with dates in Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, London, Kingston, and Toronto in September/October.