Orange County Troubadour Doug Schmude Gives  a Reason To Believe With “It Takes a Little Faith”

Keeping one foot in front of the other is easier said than done for many of us, especially throughout the past two pandemic years. Finding a new song that moves us can certainly help, so here comes rising Americana artist Doug Schmude with a roots rock anthem that walks the uplifting talk in the catchiest way possible — “It Takes a Little Faith”.

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Landing alongside his new EP, One Shy of a Six Pack, Schmude  — pronounced ‘moody’ — says “some songs follow the 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration rule and some pretty much fall straight from the ether and out of your guitar; ‘It Takes a Little Faith’ is the latter.”

These days, our hope reserves could all use a little extra top up and Schmude believes that intrinsic need in all of us is what helped fuel this song’s birth.

“I am not really sure if it is just what I needed to believe in the middle of the pandemic or what,” he muses. “But this one came out pretty quick and seems to be resonating with folks so far as I play it live.”

It takes a little faith to make it through
It takes a little faith when you get down to it

As the Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas raised and now, SoCal based singer-songwriter earnestly delivers those two key chorus lines, they bring with them an instantly sing-along-able melody. Set to a 1-2 guitar and drums punch akin to a classic Tom Petty rocker, “It Takes a Little Faith” has no trouble driving home it’s inspiring and infectious you-just-gotta-believe sentiment. Schmude’s bluesy slide guitar adds just the right amount of swampy spice to the mix.

The multi-award nominee is happy to receive and shape what the muse channels his way with his own unique stamp. “I always try to tame these songs and ideas as they come out but they always seem to take on a life of their own,” he says. ”I just keep writing and selecting what I think are the best and then release them into the wild.”

“It Takes a Little Faith” is the lead single from Schmude’s sixth album of original music, One Shy of a Six Pack. The four other tracks cover an intriguing range of subjects including an ultimate road trip (“On the Run”), an unforgettable birthday party (“We Won’t Live Forever”), a note to self to slow down (“Nothing But Time”) and a very personal tribute to self-discovery (“The Voice God Gave Me”). Schmude’s previously released albums are his Orange County Music Award nominated debut A New Century (2003), All These Avenues (2014), Ghosts of the Main Drag (2017), Burn These Pages (2018) and Mileposts (2020), which was hailed as a “a total masterclass of the genre” by Rock ‘n’ Reel Magazine. Schmude’s singles have been played on over 200 radio stations internationally.

The new EP’s title One Shy of a Six Pack is, of course, a nod to the amount of songs in the collection, as well as to our modern tendencies in music consumption.

“I’ve found that the EP is the happy medium between the single format prevalent in music today and the once great medium of the album,” notes Schmude. “This allows me to promote multiple songs over the course of a year while it is still relatively fresh, yet I still get the benefit of a collection of songs in a single package.”

Often performing as a solo act and accompanying himself on acoustic and slide guitar and harmonica, Schmude gravitates toward venues like craft breweries, where local, original artists and music are savoured like a newfound, one-of-a-kind brew. The close and personal connection with audiences at these venues has helped him hone and develop his craft.

“I really think I am hitting my stride as a songwriter and singer. Finding my voice, both literally and figuratively, has been a journey for sure. I am right where I want to be for now.”

And, keeping the faith, Schmude is bound to keep moving onward and upward with his music.

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