Canada Announces Indie Week Online Version November 9-13, 2021

Indie Week has been one of the festivals that has really focused on the digital format and opportunities.

As part of their development, they have also created a kind of sub festivals section under their brand such as Screen by Screen, Indie 101, Music Pro Summit all offering different approaches to different people in the industry which happens several times during the year. 

In November Indie Week is back with its flagship and it will once again be a digital presentation.

Special guest speakers Marky Ramone (The Ramones),
Steve Stewart (Vezt Inc. / Stone Temple Pilots),
Margaret McGuffin (Music Publishers Canada),
Michael Anthony Alago (Elektra Records + Signed Metallica!) 

Steve Stewart former manager for Stone Temple Pilots is on an artist development panel. 

The festival is releasing new speakers frequently, but already have booked speakers from CIMA, Music Publishers Canada, Lyricfind, SOCAN Foundation, Cashbox Radio and many more.

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