Rockers Eclecticus Celebrate the Joys of Concert Going with Fun and Frantic “Got Me Going”

There’s no excitement quite like knowing you’re going to a concert tonight, and Canadian rockers Eclecticus capture that unique joy with their fun new single “Got Me Going”.

Check it out on YouTube here:

Straight from their newly minted EP of the same name, “Got Me Going” is a song perfect for reemergence after a pandemic — and the long-awaited return of live music.

A pop-rock romp with energetic melodies, stomping drum beats, and soaring vocals, “Got Me Going” takes us on the frenetic trip of concert preparation. The video features Eclecticus singer-songwriters (and life partners) Gar Reid and Tiina LeMay, as well as a cast of friends and characters decked out in their funkiest concert-going attire. Each new person lip-syncs their portion of the song and performs their own exuberant dance, before the camera pans to the next friend. Interspersed between these vignettes is footage of packed concert stadiums and jubilant crowds.

“We did a lot of pre-production to give it a big, fun, and lively sound,” Gar Reid says of the single. “Everyone seems to get super charged before seeing a live concert, so this song along with the music video really celebrates this feeling associated with the pre-game festivities leading up to going to a live concert!”

“Got Me Going is such a catchy tune,” Tiina LeMay says. “It has all the elements of rock with a pop flare.

“It was so much fun to create! We kind of pinched ourselves once it was done and said, ‘Holy smokes, this song’s a hit!”

Not only is the song a great dance tune, but it’s also good for bopping along to in the car, as bassist Darrell Goodman points out. “I love ‘Got Me Going’ because it really seems to get people going!

“It’s a great driving song, too,” he adds. “It really captures the essence of Eclecticus.”

Eclecticus is a rock band hailing from Toronto, ON, fronted by singer-songwriters and life partners Gar Reid and Tiina LeMay, with Darrell Goodman on bass. With a passionate understanding for melody and dynamic sound, the band blends their talents to deliver all types of songs that span across many subgenres of rock.

Got Me Going, the EP on which the song appears, is Eclecticus’ third album in a year. It features three songs — “Got Me Going,” “Right Behind You,” and “Feels So Good.”

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