Terry Gomes Releases Eeza Gomes

Terry Gomes completed a music degree at the University of Ottawa, studying classical guitar and composition. He taught guitar for many years, played in several bands, and performed in a flute/classical guitar duo. Later on, he released three self-penned albums in singer-songwriter/pop/folk-rock genres.

In 2013, his album SHH marked a shift into guitar-based instrumental music. His following releases, THE SAND IN MY SHOES, BLUE. GREEN. AQUAMARINE., and THE TROPICAL DREAM, found him moving much closer to home. “Growing up in a Guyanese family, I was exposed to a lot of music from the Caribbean, South America and Latin America.”Since these projects he has released several singles; the infectious, “RUMJARO 360”, “ELEGY” (solo piano) and “STEEN’S REVERIE” (jazz) which received a lot of airplay on JazzFM91. His last outing in September of 2023 was an animated work featuring an unusual rock/western soundtrack called, “DARK RIDERS.”

Gomes’ music has been played on CBC across Canada, is in rotation on Stingray’s Smooth Jazz, and The Jewel stations. He has had positive press in Exclaim!, Cashbox Canada, The Whole Note, and FYI Music News among others.

Eeza Gomes: “This mambo/rock track was written in memory of my late, beloved Guyanese aunt. It was based on this phrase she said about me, referring to male members of my family who according to her, become more hermit-like anddream of the tropics as they age.The video takes this idea further. I chose the infectious mambo rhythm as I believe my aunt would have loved dancing to it and it would have made her laugh.Mostly, the music embraces a love of family and cultural (Guyanese) heritage.

Watch on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2MDFXCxKkw&t=10s and be prepared to dance!

Terry is joined by Juno-winning trumpet player Ed Lister, Alex Mastronardi on bass and Jeff Asselin on drums..

For more or the purchase music of Terry Gomes visit https://terrygomes.hearnow.com