Pop/Rap Artist Alan Tuck Hits 100,000 Spotify Streams For ‘By Any Means (Warrior)’ and Unveils ‘Breathe’ with Bobby John

Fresh from chalking up 100,000 Spotify streams over “By Any Means (Warrior)” – released only a few months ago. Alan Tuck, the Toronto-based indie artist, once more partners with award-winning songwriter and vocalist, Bobby John on this spirit booster, “Breathe.” In the wake of the drive and determination anthem that “By Any Means (Warrior) was, this new release infuses pop dance elements that will captivate the listener thoroughly. Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX8nJ_ovk1U

Alan Tuck and Bobby John prove to be a seamless fit as music partners. Tuck, with an awe-inspiring background of creating countless compositions at the side of artists around the world, and Bobby with his classically trained background. The pair have managed to mesh melodious instrumentals with poignant poetries so well on this new track. It doesn’t come across that way in the first 20 seconds of the song. The onset production tricks the listener’s ear until the vocals come through.

And it finally clicks in place. “Breathe” demands to be listened to attentively.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/3ntzL5NeEvY37OgXW5seOl?si=e37b5ec6e9184dc0&nd=1&dlsi=0cd9ac4a35584457

“Ultimately, a motivating song can be a powerful tool to uplift our spirits and remind us of our strength and potential– Music has a unique way of connecting with our emotions, uplifting our spirits, and reminding us of our inner power,” Alan Tuck on making “Breathe.”

Tuck has this inherent command in connecting with audiences around the world. His eclectic musical taste pours into every release. In “Breathe,” the listener is pulled into this abyss of heartfelt songwriting, raw emotions the full production elicits, and Bobby John’s rich integrated vocals.

The ambiguous nature of this latest offering can potentially attract diverse listening. Feel like your spirit is deflated? Feeling uninspired or want to top up your happy mood? “Breathe” should be your latest addition to your streaming rotation. “Breathe” is now available on all major music outlets.