54•40 Unveils Deluxe Remastered and Reimagined Vinyl Bundle of Their Iconic “Green Album”

In a nostalgic nod to the past, Canadian rock band 54•40 proudly announces the impending release of the remastered “Green Album” – Deluxe Vinyl Bundle, available for pre-order now here. Originally released in 1986, the self-titled second album, affectionately known as the “Green Album,” marked a pivotal moment in the band’s history.

Carefully curated to immerse fans in the nostalgia of the ‘Green’ days, the Deluxe Vinyl Bundle is a treasure trove of 54•40 memorabilia. The bundle includes not only the re-mastered vinyl but also alternate versions and previously unreleased songs. Fans will also delight in discovering exclusive photos, posters, stickers, and other fun memorabilia from the band’s early years.

The Deluxe Vinyl Bundle features:

  • 180 Gram White Translucent Vinyl Audiophile LP with updated reimagined inner gatefold
  • 7” Single for “Baby Ran” and “I Go Blind”
  • 24” x 36” 54-40 Poster – folded in album jacket
  • Three 8”x 10” Black and White Photographs
  • 11” x 17” Pink – Vintage Show Poster
  • 5.5” x 3.5” Band Sticker
  • Vintage 54-40 Postcard
  • Reproduction of the Original Album Sleeve

Digital Goodies for the Modern Fan

In addition to the physical bundle, fans will have access to a digital trove of content, including high-quality WAV files of all album tracks, re-mastered and MP3 versions included, with three previously unreleased songs. The digital package also features album artwork, archival photos, and exclusive posters and stickers for a complete 54•40 experience.

The band also announced a limited-edition 14” x 20”print of 54 by Phil Comparelli on 100% Cotton Rag Paper, signed and numbered and available here.

Reflecting on the significance of the “Green Album,” 54•40 shares their journey from the recording studio to signing with Warner Brothers Records:

“After recording our first album Set The Fire, we went through a period of discovery. The songwriting was starting to flow, and our band vision was becoming clearer. It started with the last couple of songs written for Set The Fire recorded by Dave ‘Rave’ Ogilvie. Those songs “A Big Idea” and “What To Do Now” would lead to defining ourselves as 54•40 – the rock combo (2 guitars, bass and drums). We went back to Mushroom Studios with Rave and recorded the Green album in late 1984. “Baby Ran,” “I Go Blind,” “Take My Hand” and other songs all emerged during this time. Signing to a record company wasn’t exactly on our radar in 1984 but we were actively promoting and touring north-south as far as Highway I-5 would take us. Seattle, Portland and in particular San Francisco became a second home for the band. Eventually shows in Los Angeles lead to record company interest. After much deliberation, Warner Brothers Records became our first label home. They would put out the Green album with the suggestion that we mix the album with Dave Jerden (Rolling Stones). The label committed to the next album which was half written at the time of signing. This was a big breakthrough for us and a turning point opportunity. The rest is history, so they say. “Baby Ran” became a hit song for us. “I Go Blind,” despite not being released as a single in the USA, became a hit for us and a massive international hit for Hootie and The Blowfish a decade later. Our thanks to Phil and Darryl, Rave, Felix and Kevin, our partners in business but mostly thanks to our fans that have embraced our band and songs.”

The band expresses gratitude to Sing! Marketplace for making this reissue possible.