Fredericton’s Run The River Uses AI Completely For Rock & Roll ‘Punch The Dark’ Video

In a groundbreaking move at the intersection of music and technology, Run The River has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create their latest music video “Punch The Dark.”  Check it out on YouTube here:

The innovative band, known for pushing the boundaries of rock and roll, collaborated with cutting-edge AI algorithms to generate visually stunning and conceptually rich visuals that complement their unique sound. By leveraging AI in the video production process, Run The River has not only demonstrated a commitment to embracing emerging technologies but has also pioneered a new era in the music industry – to lean into AI, not run (pardon the pun) away from it. The result is a mesmerizing and unprecedented audio-visual experience that seamlessly blends the band’s musical prowess with the limitless possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of music and visual storytelling.

Get ready to groove with another timeless rock & roll track brought to life by Run The River, featuring Joel Manchester on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Chris Furlotte on drums, Rick Couture on bass with fantastic backup vocals, Ed Legge on lead guitar and excellent backup vocals, and Ross Kinney on keys.

Out now, ‘Punch The Dark’ stands as an anthem for bad days. The track commences with a dramatic opening driven by piano and guitars, giving you that span of a second to wonder what the next instrumental twist will be – exactly where the cheerful melody with classic rock & roll elements gets all your attention.

Listen on Spotify here:

With a chorus that screams “No, I’m not giving up this time”, ‘Punch the Dark’ is close to the heart for frontman Joel Manchester. “It is an anthem for bad days, difficult experiences, and insurmountable odds when you just need to sing out that things aren’t over yet”, explains the singer and songwriter.

Joel penned this song as a response to his own struggles with mental health, specifically battling through periods of depression and the weight of negative thoughts. He aimed to create a chorus that could serve as a remedy for those poisonous, pessimistic mindsets. The song’s theme contrasts with its overall feel—upbeat, positive, and bright.

‘Sometimes I can feel the earth spin

It’s like I’m barely holding on

I’m heading off into some kind of chaos

Any plans I had are dead and gone

It might be my last time around

But I’m not giving up without a fight

Sometimes you gotta show em what your made of

Punch the dark until you see the light’

It’s crafted in an energetic pop-rock style, featuring powerful guitar work and a determined, rhythmic heartbeat that underscores the message of resilience – a Run The River formula. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of musical influences, their sources of inspiration span the enduring legacy of Canadian rock icons The Tragically Hip, the timeless rock of Queen and The Beatles, and the rebellious spirit of 90s pop punk exemplified by bands like Blink 182 and Green Day.

Never shying away from experimenting with genres and letting that influence shine through, the band confesses to being obsessed with the writing process and rarely gets together without several new tunes in the works.

Emphasizing contagious melodies, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and commanding vocal prowess, Run The River emerges as a dynamic force in the realm of Canadian rock bands. Their essence is rooted in a profound passion for sharing music and a collective desire to harmonize through the beautiful journey of life by pouring their hearts into their songs.