Redhead Mack Band’s “Pick It Up” Reveals the Complex Balance of Doing What You Love for a Living in Their Latest Album 

Some people say think if you do what you love for a living, your job is easy to do. However, this isn’t as cut and dry as it seems. No one understands this more than Calgary, AB-rockers Redhead Mack Band in their new single “Pick It Up,” the first single from their new album You Know That You Want To. Check it out on YouTube here:

The song opens with steady riffs from lead guitarist Lee Carlson and backup vocalist and bassist Jared Wiebe. Then songwriter and vocalist Kevin Phillips comes in with the first two verses, which discuss picking up something new and then learning to enjoy it. However, the chorus that follows shows how a personal passion can dominate your life once you start trying to make a living from it.

“Always playing catch-up on the people up ahead

Always playing mentor to those behind

Trying hard to keep momentum each and every day

It takes over everything but you don’t mind”

The next verses continue with the unsettled undertone the chorus brought in as backup vocals from Jared Wiebe joins Phillips. They both sing of how a personal passion consumes you until it becomes your identity. Both of them are supported by drummer Ian Fraser Love and a sweet guitar solo from Carlson.

Despite the song’s somewhat bleak lyrics, It mostly came from a place of joy. Inspired by Phillips’ new love of the electric guitar, the song is about finding your “thing”, whatever that may be. He states, “If you find something that makes you happy; that allows you to express yourself; that makes you feel more like you…  that’s what this song is about!”

Listen on Spotify here:

Redhead Mack Band is a Calgary rock band that sprung out of the earth after the Covid pandemic buried musicians in lockdown. Previously folky Redhead Mack singer Kevin Phillips picked up the electric guitar, and, joined by guitarist Lee Carlson; bass player, Jared Wiebe; and drummer, Ian Fraser Love, they started making beautiful noise together, and liked what it was turning into.

Prior to coming together as a hard rock band, Redhead Mack Band released a slew of folk-rock EP’s and singles, and the 2013 album Born On A Time Machine, with a title coming from a line to entice the listener to give the album a try.

After all, the band’s music aims to help people find their own voice and look after each other while working together.