Montreal’s Mercury Messiah Unleashes Raw Emotion in Latest Single ‘Stay’

Mercury Messiah, the dynamic rock duo from Montreal, Quebec is returning to entertain audiences once again with “Stay,” their newly released single that will be featured on their upcoming EP “Blast Off” – check it out on YouTube here:

 Mercury Messiah is comprised of co-founder, lead guitarist and singer Emmanuel (Mano) Diles and classically and jazz-trained musician Alex Brunel. Stay takes a satirical look at a dark time in Mano’s life as it explores a man’s last dance with a woman, essentially a metaphor for the dance we know as life.

With this new single, the band adopted a more subdued tone, breaking away from their trademark hard rock vibe and demonstrating their ability to explore new sounds while keeping their style of progressive, metal, and hard rock. “Don’t get it twisted though, despite dialling things down to 10 from 11, Mercury Messiah is still a hard rock band at its core” Diles exclaims.

Mano and Alex Brunel (drums, piano, and composer), describe the making of Stay, “Our new song and EP is very special because this time around, we recorded, composed, mixed and produced everything by ourselves in our home studios and felt that we were more in control of our creative process.”

The “Blast Off” EP which is set to be released in early 2024, was mostly written by Mano and dates back nearly 10 years to when he wrote the songs between the ages of 14 to 17 from 2014 to 2017. However, because the group gave priority to songs from their first EP, the recording process took longer than expected. 

Listen on Spotify here:

After the success of their debut EP, “Starbound,” in 2022, the band decided at the last minute to divide their musical work into two separate EPs, even though it was originally meant to be a full-length album. However, they were still able to hone their sound and go further into the creative process thanks to this separation.

A blend of rock genres has defined Mercury Messiah’s journey, honouring their influences from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Their music, influenced by iconic bands like Led Zeppelin, Rush, and The Beatles, has garnered attention for its diverse range and innovative approach. The group refuses to put themselves in a creative box, with their ability to make music spanning a variety of musical genres, including jazz, blues, reggae, psychedelic rock, flamenco, progressive rock, metal, pop rock, hard rock, instrumental fusion, and more.