Israeli/Canadian Composer George Gagnidze Drops Electrifying New Single ‘Composition 800’

George Gagnidze is a talented Israeli/Canadian composer with a knack for curating gripping electronica compositions. Currently residing in Vaughan, ON, the artist has returned with a brand-new single “Composition 800.”

Written, produced and composed entirely by Gagnidze, “Composition 800” is an enchanting electronic composition to sink your teeth into. As you make your way through this track the artist takes you on an alluring passage of dark keywork and warped production – a captivating touch to say the least. Check it out on YouTube here:

Not only a talented composer, but a multifaceted artist and poet in his own right. Throughout his career Gagnidze has worked on a string of projects, from solo to orchestral pieces, to film, visual arts and more. Gagnidze carves his soundscape by weaving in speckles of ambient electronica with electro tendencies. Although taking a particular interest in the experimental realm of electronica, Gagnidze has written over 800 compositions and loves a wide spectrum of genres.

Listen on Spotify here:

In 2020, Gagnidze began composing on the themes of visual artists from around the world, over 30 pieces based on paintings total and released his debut single “Composition 226 for String Orchestra (Electronic Version)” – a beautiful track that is both daunting and enticing. Flickering between light to dark tendencies, “Composition 226 for String Orchestra (Electronic Version)” has you desperately itching for more, one intricately placed note at a time. From the moment Gagnidze shared this single, it became clear which direction he would take his forthcoming compositions into. Much like his discography, this song unravelled a plethora of layers to the artist and gave fans an exciting glimmer into what to expect on later projects.

Fast forward three years and Gagnidze has released “Composition 800.” This track represents a significant next step for the artist, as not only is it his debut single of 2023 but it swiftly follows on from his second studio album “19 Pieces for Mixed Media” which he dropped in April 2022, the same year he released his debut album “12 Pieces for Solo Piano.”

Gagnidze has a strong passion for creating and takes huge pride in his work. Forever thinking of ways to evolve his rich soundscape, Gagnidze makes sure to compose daily to keep his rhythm and creativity alive. Although he doesn’t take much inspiration from celebrity figures, one person he is inspired by is his father, Merab Gagnidze, who is also a talented composer. Speaking about how he navigates his creative vision Gagnidze says: “I don’t believe in inspiration, only in hard work. I have been composing daily for many years. Just like performers practice daily, it is a good idea for composers to compose regularly so that they are ready for whatever comes next through them.”