Ottawa-Based First of the Last Stars Fuse the Dreamy with the Powerfully Raw on “Wrong Star”

There are so many possible paths in life that it can be hard to know for sure if we’re getting it right. Ottawa-based alt-rockers First of the Last Stars address this fear of regret in their dreamy, introspective new single “Wrong Star” from their All I Ever Wanted EP – Check it out on YouTube:

A mix of gossamer dream-pop and soaring pop-punk elements, “Wrong Star” guides us through a universe of inward reflection:

Of all of the ghosts that have haunted me I miss yours the most

So lost beside you, I can’t feel when you’re close

too cold to hold, one’s silver one’s bone

this one is ashes, the other’s lost control

Meanwhile, the corresponding music video pulls us through this dark infinity scenes of star-filled nights juxtaposed with snow-covered landscapes. The visuals complement the song nicely, Gareth’s ethereal instrumentation offset by singer Ophelie’s strong, passionate, and sometimes raw vocals.

As much as the song is about uncertainty, it’s also about keeping sight of our priorities. “This song is about the fear of regret as we face many paths throughout our lives,” the band mused. “Things can tear us apart from what’s most important, if we let them. Our time is finite. One day, we’ll look back on our lives and wonder if we ‘wished on the wrong star.’”

However, the song is ultimately open to interpretation. “Our writing process is quite fluid,” they said. “Each song comes about in a different way. We mean our lyrics to be interpreted by the listener in a way they can relate to personally. We take a lot of time to write each of our songs. We try to serve the song, always.”

Listen on Spotify here:

First of the Last Stars are an alternative rock duo – Gareth and Ophelie – formed in 2019 in Ottawa. They combine elements of post-punk, shoegaze, and dream pop as their influences. Born out of lockdowns and the loss of loved ones, they were inspired to find their post-grunge sound, to follow a dream, and ultimately free themselves.

First of the Last Stars previously released their debut single “Never Alone,” a slow burner that sparks into a fire. Their second single “Unfamiliar” showcased their more upbeat side with a slight tinge of their signature melancholy, proving that their All I Ever Wanted EP was guaranteed to be captivating.