Danny Lamb’s ‘Powerful (Hold Space)’ Is A Musical Testament to Love, Empathy, And A More Inclusive World

Danny Lamb has been creating music and doing everything he can to carve out a more empathetic world since he was sixteen years old. His life as an able-bodied person, while still having a disability, has made him keenly aware of the privilege he has. Danny is always thinking about how hard things can be for others, instilling in him a driving desire to see the world become as it can be: better and full of love. His latest single and release, ‘Powerful (Hold Space)’ is both a testament and a reflection of his dedication to music, love, and empathy, and you can hear it clearly in every note.

Danny Lamb has had his music and achievements featured in and recognized by several publications and organizations, including Niagara Life Magazine, Canadian Musician Magazine, Global TV with Susan Hay, CHTV, and the BBC, and it’s easy to see why, once the music of Danny Lamb surrounds you with the possibilities and wonders, waiting just around the corner.

Danny Lamb is building a legacy of art and lifting others up, in every way he can, as a humanitarian, artist, and human being that loves the world and its people, and it’s all painted clearly across ‘Powerful (Hold Space)’, a song about creating love and making space for others.

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6bZxJwbnEe60R7uBG3KmJd?si=KDjvfktVTiaOSEHHFCyjQQ&nd=1

Danny Lamb has shared the stage or worked with countless industry-shaping artists and figures, including Mark Lalama, Music Director of Canadian Idol, Fefe Dobson and Marianas Trench, and it’s because he’s part of the next wave of artists shaping the future of music. His latest single ‘Powerful (Hold Space)’ adds to the already rich legacy of music and is a clear sign of Danny Lamb’s future as an artist and performer.