Fuat Tuaç Unveils New Single “Chez Moi” with Kim Richardson

Toronto-based jazz virtuoso Fuat Tuaç, celebrated for his eclectic repertoire and captivating performances, has once again entranced the music world with his latest single, “Chez Moi.” This masterpiece seamlessly integrates with his highly acclaimed album, Immigrant. Fuat Tuaç’s music is a globetrotting exploration of jazz history, blending Canadian urban poetry with Turkish street flavour. Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Svqel_uksYo

 Before pursuing his passion for jazz, Fuat Tuaç worked as a lawyer in Istanbul, France, and the UK. However, the allure of jazz eventually took precedence, leading him to Montreal in 2011, where he studied jazz at Concordia University and honed his craft.

“Chez Moi” holds a special place in Fuat Tuaç’s heart, originating from his vocal jam sessions at the Montreal Jazz Club, Diese Onze. Hosting these sessions was the remarkable vocalist Kim Richardson, who Fuat used to open for with this very song. Their seamless chemistry and profound connection led them to choose “Chez Moi” for the new album.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/3krWptA3BvHDjFNbfrRCFC?si=30d1dffb8c8740b6&nd=1

Fuat Tuaç’s album, Immigrant, released in 2022, weaves a musical tapestry transcending borders and languages. With songs sung in English, French and his native Turkish, this album deeply reflects Fuat Tuaç’s experiences as an immigrant living in Toronto. It delves into the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned throughout his journey, offering a heartfelt narrative. In Fuat’s words, “I want the songs on Immigrant to resonate with people from all backgrounds. I believe the eclectic nature of the album makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of their country of origin.”

Underpinning this album are exceptionally talented musicians, including Eric St-Laurent on guitar, Kevin Turcotte on trumpet, Eric West on drums, and Jordan O’Connor on double bass. Alongside Fuat Tuaç, celebrated vocalist Kim Richardson and renowned Turkish singer Yesim Akin lend their voices to create harmonious duets. The album was recorded at Kensington Studios in Toronto, but Fuat travelled to Montreal and Istanbul to record the duets, ensuring that every note was flawlessly collaborated and crafted.

Fuat Tuaç is a Toronto-based jazz vocalist with a unique and diverse repertoire. He brings together his multicultural background and experiences as an immigrant to create music that transcends borders and languages. Fuat’s music explores themes of life, love, and the human experience, all set to the enchanting rhythms of jazz. His latest album, Immigrant, is a testament to his artistry and the universal language of music.