Regina’s Synthetik Blonde Electrifies Audiences with ‘Manic Mind’ – Their Latest Synth-Pop Masterpiece

Synthetik Blonde, the alternative pop band from Regina, Saskatchewan who are known for their electrifying blend of synth-pop, disco, and guitar-driven rock music, has released their latest single, “Manic Mind” – Check it out on YouTube here:

This seductive track is part of their upcoming third album, “Dark Side of Your Love,” set to be unleashed early next year. With “Manic Mind,” the innovative and talented duo of Stefani Kleppe and Brad Evanochko, invites listeners to delve into a sultry and pulsating groove, with smoky vocals that challenge mental health stigmas, giving voice to those who have been forced into silence.

When describing the powerful message portrayed in their new single – “Manic Mind”, Stefani passionately declares, “Let’s destigmatize mental health challenges, remove the negative associations they bring, and foster self-love and acceptance.” Her words resonate as she continues, “Embrace yourself as you are and slam the book closed on self-limiting stories, we tell ourselves and place on others. Be free to be unapologetically yourself, just as you are.”

Listen on Spotify here:

Supported by a thick bassline and Stefani’s passionate lyrics, the song serves as an invitation for intimacy, honesty, and transparency. In Stefani’s words, “Welcome to my manic mind,” she shares her personal journey of triumphing over depression, anxiety, and manic episodes, and challenges the societal labels that attempt to define us all, however, “This is not just my story; I am giving voice to millions that feel this way”.

Stefani is an advocate for female empowerment and amplifying the voices of the silenced. She believes that music can be a powerful tool for change, sparking conversations that lead to greater understanding and acceptance. Brad, the musical mastermind behind Synthetik Blonde, adds his unique flare to “Manic Mind,” infusing it with a tasteful mix of atmospheric guitar work and the band’s signature funk guitar, creating a unique sound that not only entertains but raises awareness about the importance of mental health in today’s challenging times.

“The song is tasty, sexy, and fun while drawing attention to an important issue, mental health, as people are really struggling now more than ever it seems,” Brad explains.

Synthetik Blonde has written, recorded, produced, and released two eight-track albums including the recent, “PIECES”, and are currently gearing up for the launch of their third album, “Dark Side Of Your Love.” In addition to their recorded music, the band has recently ventured into the world of music videos, with their upcoming release for “Dreams Of You” with talented local filmmaker Aaron Sinclair (Films), set to drop in the Fall of 2023.