Folk/Pop Duo Winsome Kind Release Double A-Side Delight: ‘Keep on Lovin’ & ‘Trail Of Love’ 

Scott Perrie and Leora Joy Perrie, the Canadian husband and wife duo of Winsome Kind, are set to draw listeners in once again with their latest singles, “Keep on Lovin’” and “Trail Of Love”, a double A-side from their highly anticipated third full-length album, Love in a Hurricane, set to be released on September 22. Check it out YouTube here: 

“Keep on Lovin’”

“Trail Of Love”,

 “Keep on Lovin’” is a sweet and sultry composition that weaves together Leora’s golden voice with Scott’s exquisite guitar licks in a dance of emotive melodies. The song, a testament to their decade-long journey of love and musical collaboration, captures the undeniable chemistry between the pair.  “Trail of Love” calls the clouds and signals the rain for the group’s upcoming, third album, Love in a Hurricane, preparing audiences for all the love that’s yet to come, and reminding everyone that the sun will shine again.  The delightful and harmonic tracks, which were recorded on enchanting Salt Spring Island in their 32 foot camper and finished with help from Daryl Chonka (Old Growth Music), showcase the duo’s softer, more introspective side and invite us to connect with our hearts in these tumultuous times.

Listen on Spotify here:

The accompanying music videos for both songs were directed and edited by Sydney Woodward, creator of the astonishing music video for “Harmonize” by Rising Appalachia,  and beautifully capture the essence of the performance and songs, while creating an immersive visual experience for fans. Both music videos add an extra layer of enchantment shot amidst the awe-inspiring backdrop of Ruckle Park. 

The two met over a decade ago while performing in a production of The Buddy Holly Story in Regina, Saskatchewan, and quickly fell in love. And so they did what two people in love with each other and music do: Leora and Scott started creating beautiful music together.  In the years since, Winsome Kind has been busy in the studio, on the road, and with their kids, and making music every single step of the way. Love in a Hurricane was recorded almost entirely with a mobile on-the-go studio, which Leora and Scott used throughout Mexico and Canada to create their unique blend of folk, pop, and harmony, without ever missing a beat.

A driving, thumping folk beat and rhythm, carried by the promise of getting there when it’s the right time, and a harmony from an otherworldly prairie, nestled somewhere sweet between heaven’s dreams, make Winsome Kind the essential indie group of 2023.