Lose Yourself In Boise, Idaho’s Indie Rock Soundscape Of MYLO BYBEE On Master & Machine

From lead vocalist and guitarist Tyler Schlagenhauf, bassist and back-up vocalist Wes Schlagenhauf, and drummer Jason Guadalupe, comes the anticipated 10-song strong Master & Machine with its title track leading the charge.

Check out ‘Master & Machine’ on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSY6jAwCtxc&feature=youtu.be

 Self-described as “organized chaos”, MYLO BYBEE invites listeners on a dizzying whirlwind mix of indie, hard-hitting, alternative rock. The album, from “Vintro” to “Best For Last”, is a journey of catchy tracks, mingled with introspective lyrics and exceptional musicianship. Birthed in Boise during the pandemic of 2020, MYLO BYBEE formed to create, concoct and contrive a musical synopsis of life and its feelings during lockdown. As a result, Master & Machine is a succinct summation – songs with “punch you in the face” energy; songs that make you want to cry, cheer, and break something all at once.

“It’s time we welcome you to the world of MYLO BYBEE,” says the Buzzslayers blog, adding: “and our particular and energetic brand of gusto-riddled alternative pop rock that has a way of making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

A vintage nod to the alternative punk pioneers of yesteryear – think Jimmy Eats World goes to college with Ben Folds Five – MYLO BYBEE stamps their modern flair onto a familiar genre, ushering a seismic shift into a new chapter of alternative rock music. Master & Machine plucks and prods through each track with precision, boasting tightly-woven melodies and harmonies. As they explain – the music is “unconventional and energetic; our image is a canvas littered with capricious captivation and colorful landscapes.”

“The album name, Master & Machine, is really a conglomeration of how everything we do is impacted by someone else. Societally, personally, professionally, artistically, etc.,” says MYLO BYBEE. “Most of this album was written during COVID which ended up being a Jackson Pollock painting of raw feelings, scattered with emotions depicting the best as well as the very worst in people.”

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/2lV1tvhVlnzpPKQrMLCXhS?si=35d4e9d37d4c4839&nd=1

The result is a prose on life and living it. Tracks range from dark, ominous instrumentals, to heavy, punch-hard rock, to softer, melodic, piano-driven pop vibes. “This album has been a regurgitation of content that I have written years ago that went through many different iterations, as well as songs written recently incorporating some out of the box experimentation from the collective band,” reveals Tyler Schlagenhauf.

Master & Machine leads off with its title track as its lead single. “M&M is our heaviest song on the album, and probably my favorite to play,” says Wes Schlagenhauf, adding: “It hits hard. You can feel the angst. But what it does, is it allows the rest of the album to slowly let hope bleed through the bleak. To me, the album as a whole is less of an indictment on the shortcomings of our world, and more of a look at people living their lives in between the darkness; finding a way to the light through love.”

Why choose between the Master and the Machine when you can get both from MYLO BYBEE. It’s an adventure you’re going to want to choose to take.