From Pain to Power: Econoline Crush Makes Miraculous Comeback with Empowering Single ‘Invincible’

When you’ve been through tough times, the act of surviving and reaching a better place can feel miraculous. To experience a major hurt or loss and still find a way to move forward is a powerful feat. No one knows this more than Vancouver based rock band Econoline Crush, who have made a triumphant return with their new single “Invincible.” Check it out on YouTube here:

The song opens with bombastic vocals from frontman Trevor Hurst, as he sings and dares pain to come at him with everything it’s got. His vocals explode especially well in the song’s chorus, which is enhanced by the band’s bassist Troy Zak, drummer Dayvid Swart, and the late guitarist David “Ziggy” Garrison.

In fact, Ziggy was a key inspiration for this song. Hurst states, “Ziggy and I were working on songs in Los Angelas with Stephan “Flash” Sigerson almost ten years ago. Flash recorded Ziggy jamming some riffs over a rock beat one afternoon and finding some gold in the madness. Flash looped one particular riff for me to check out and see if I could vibe with it.”

Originally based in Vancouver, Econoline Crush formed in 1992 and signed with EMI Music Canada in ‘94, debuting that year with the EP, Purge. The groundbreaking band, which fused industrial music with rock at a time when “keyboards” were typically used in pop music, followed it up with the full-length Affliction in 1996, and their ultimate breakthrough, the platinum-selling The Devil You Know. 2001’s Brand New History was their final studio album for EMI.

After Trevor Hurst did a one-off EP in 2005 EP called Wanderlust, Econoline Crush returned with the new album Ignite in 2008, followed by the EP, The People Have Spoken, Vol. 1, in 2011. Both were produced independently.

When The Devil Drives is the latest album from the rock veterans, formed over 30 years ago by frontman Trevor Hurst, now the sole original member. The band’s first full-length album in over a decade, and documentary film, Flatlander, about a rocker from Brandon, Manitoba’s second career as a psychiatric nurse, will be out later this year.

Produced by one-time Miniatures frontman Ian Alexander Smith (SATE, Cassie DaSilva) and mixed by the legendary Jack Joseph Puig, two of the nine songs feature David “Ziggy” Sigmund, who played guitar in Econoline Crush from 1997-2002 and rejoined in 2010. He passed away suddenly in March 2022, just as the album was getting mixed, nothing short of “a huge personal blow” for Trevor and the music world.

The two songs they wrote together, the empowering industrial-strength rocker “Invincible” and soaring 90s Brit-pop style “Smashing Optimistic,” are the first two singles on the album. He also played bass and guitar on the tracks. 

Listen on Spotify here:

In May 2023, the band released their first single, “No Quitter”, a fiery, pulsing single that served as an ode and tribute to Sigmund. It serves as the perfect lead in to “Invincible,” their follow-up single.