postmoderndisco’s Latest Release ‘Anthesis’ Is A Mesmerizing Journey into the World of Lo-Fi Electronic Music

 Toronto-born, Valencia, Spain-based lo-fi, electronic artist, postmoderndisco’s new track, “Anthesis,” follows a metaphor for life through the lens of a beautiful blooming flower.  Watch it on YouTube here:

 “The song is a musical soundscape written during a period of writer’s block and struggle with perfectionism,” postmoderndisco said.

She began writing “Anthesis” in 2015, shortly after her debut EP Chasing Memories, came out. However, as the growth process goes, she ran into some hiccups and roadblocks with the composition of the transformative time. 

The creation of “Anthesis” parallels life. postmoderndisco said the tune took eight years to create. She ran into roadblocks and speedbumps with the mixing process, so she enlisted some producer friends from Berklee to catalyze the production. She also turned to her classical music experience for inspiration, and studied bands that fuse electronic and alternative genres, such as Purity Ring and Son Lux.

“‘Anthesis’ first began as a place to experiment with creating textures by sampling and manipulating acoustic instruments (as heard at the start of the song), blending them until they were no longer identifiable,” she said. 

The tune opens with billowing production, introducing the first stage of a flower’s life. Throughout the next several seconds, windy synth percussion wisps through the opening, and a haunting, ethereal vocalist lends light hums and shoegaze lyrics to the dynamic track. Around the one-minute mark, light crescendoing keys erupt into a beat drop filled with shoegaze sounds and triplet percussion beats.  

Haunting flutes back the otherworldly vocals throughout the track as postmoderndisco relays a story about a flower’s delicate yet wondrous life.  

Listen on Spotify here:

 The song is a “powerful and emotive song that inspires listeners to embrace their personal growth and overcome their internal struggles. The use of flower blooming as a metaphor for personal growth and the invitation to enter a different dimension through music create a unique and engaging experience that aims to resonate with many people,” she stated.

Almost a decade later, “Anthesis” offers a masterful meditation on the circle of life. 

“‘Anthesis’ leans on its ethereal layers of haunting vocals, soaring strings, and downtempo beats, postmoderndisco wishes to give listeners a different dimension and space to escape from the busyness of life and be rejuvenated,” she said.

postmoderndisco is a second-generation Chinese-Canadian musician. She meshes her Western upbringing with her Chinese heritage to influence her discography and strives to serve as a representative Asian female voice in music. To enhance the ambient atmosphere, she incorporates various instruments into live performances, like French Horn, violin, flute, and clarinet. Currently, postmoderndisco is pursuing her master’s degree in screen scoring at Berklee College of Music.