Montreal-Based Alt-Rockers Oliver Forest Perfect the Art of Slowing Down In Introspective “No Rush”

Slowing down is an art, and learning to savor the moment and live life on life’s terms is a lesson in maturity. Montreal-based alt-rockers Oliver Forest captures this philosophy in their new single “No Rush” – available now – along with its accompanying music video featuring the contemporary dance stylings of Maycie-Ann St-Louis. Check it out on YouTube here:

 An introspective guitar-and-piano relaxed jam with a sunny, soulful, and soaring quality, “No Rush” explores the urge to hurry up and grind whenever we really want something, and how that’s a detriment to true achievement.

When I was a boy, I was excited for the fantasies that came in a toy

Now I’m indicted for the fantasy of wanting much more

And I can’t stop myself from feeling like I’m in over my head

Through the song’s steady progression, we accompany the narrator on their journey, realizing that as long as they know they’re working hard, they shouldn’t be exhausting themselves trying to reach an arbitrary destination. “I’m thinking there’s/ No rush/ I know that I’m working hard so there should be/ No rush.”

The corresponding music video (directed by bassist Rob L’Houmeau) depicts a young woman, dancer Maycie-Ann St-Louis, baking an apple pie in a remote cabin. She watches the pie cook for a while until, frustrated, she goes outside into a vast snow-covered landscape to dance and enjoy just being. At the end of the video, she sits outside next to a roaring fire, finally enjoying her perfectly baked pie. The video is artfully shot and makes use of the gorgeous snow-scape against St-Louis’ all-white wardrobe.

For Oliver Forest, the song is personal.  “We often find ourselves in a perpetual state of striving, always pushing to achieve more,” the band said. “But amidst these moments of self-doubt and uncertainty, something special can arise. The realization dawned on us that we were just trying to rush things along rather than let them take their course organically.” 

Listen on Spotify here:

“We hope that our music can serve as a reminder to take life one day at a time and appreciate the beauty in every moment,” they added.

Oliver Forest has taken the Montreal indie music scene by storm with their dynamic fusion of folk, pop, and rock. Their sound is a testament to the band’s artistry and creativity, blending powerful melodies and rich instrumentation into a truly unique listening experience.

As they gear up for an exciting 2023, Oliver Forest has already begun unveiling their latest EP, featuring six new songs that showcase their evolution as artists. The EP’s upcoming single, “No Rush,” is a perfect example of the band’s catchy melodies and refreshing honesty.