Mississauga, Ontario Based Country Rock Singer Bree Taylor Displays Newfound Strength In “Dauntless”

Almost every person has a point in their lives when someone makes them feel like they can’t do something because of their gender, race, or another trait that is part of who they are. When this happens, sometimes the right song can rally the spirit and give you the courage to prove people wrong. This is the case with Mississauga, ON country- rock singer Bree Taylor and her bold new single “Dauntless”, co-written with multiple #1 Billboard Country Chart songwriter Styles Haury. Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFFdERjGtJk

The song opens with some strong country-rock riffs from Taylor’s backing band that establish the song’s power. Then, Taylor’s steadfast vocals come in as she sings and tells people not to underestimate her. The empowering message hits particularly hard once the chorus comes in.

“Cause I’m courageous

A little dangerous

I’m the do what it takes to make it

Yeah I’m the fighter

Flame to the fire

The take it to the top and higher

Yeah I’m headstrong and bold

Won’t do what I’m told

I live on the edge of fearless

Yeah I’m dauntless”

The song continues to strike a courageous nerve for the rest of the song as Taylor sings about not fitting into other people’s perceptions of who she is. The song’s outro at the end really takes it home as she sings, “I am who I am, I don’t give a damn.”

In fact, Taylor has a particular and personal reason for standing up for herself in her newest single. For the first time, she is letting people know her experiences as a hearing impaired country singer. She states, “Dauntless is a song that reflects my journey as a woman who has faced societal pressures to conform to expectations and norms that don’t align with who I am.”

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5Li5KRRWrv6CN4VeuCYA6E?si=90950dcf8fee454d&nd=1

Accompanying the new single is a music video showing Taylor performing the song amid pyrotechnic fire, which suits the newfound inner fire that she displays and wants other people to have. She explains, “With this song, I want to inspire people, especially women, everywhere to be unapologetically and authentically themselves, to not accept anything less.”

Bree Taylor started out singing in choirs from ages 6 to 12 before recording a cover of the Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready To Make Nice” when she was 16, which she now includes in her live sets and is a fan-favorite.

In 2016, she wrote and recorded her first single, “Broken Dreams”, which would be released on her 2018 debut pop EP Unbreakable. It would earn her a nomination for Best New Artist at the Mississauga Music Awards and win her the Mississauga Music’s Fan Choice Award in 2022.