Country Pop Rising Star JAMIE MCROBERTS Releases “Just Like I Remember” From ‘Bring Your ‘A’ Game’ Album

With the ongoing pandemic still affecting the world, it can be easy to despair and feel like you will never be able to enjoy life again. Yet even though some things have changed, there are certain experiences that remain the same. This feeling of gratitude is captured in Oakville, ON country pop singer Jamie McRoberts’ new single “Just Like I Remember,” the first song released from her upcoming debut album, Bring Me Your ‘A’ Game, both out now.

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 Crafted over an arduous year and a half, this album embodies the essence of patience and artistic dedication with legendary songwriter, producer, and music executive Ross Vannelli at the helm for his COA Productions label. Each note, lyric, and melody meticulously crafted, it is the culmination of tireless effort and unwavering commitment. The prolonged period allowed McRoberts and Vannelli to new horizons, experiment with innovative sounds, and push creative boundaries – without losing a note of the classic country and pop sound.

During this extensive journey, the artist faced numerous challenges, encountered moments of self-doubt, and experienced the ebb and flow of inspiration. However, they persevered, embracing the long process as an opportunity for growth and refinement. Countless hours were spent in the studio, meticulously fine-tuning every aspect of the music to achieve perfection.

Both acoustic and electric guitar riffs open the song before the acoustic guitar takes the lead. The acoustic guitar adds an air of vulnerability to the song’s first verse as McRoberts sings of the long isolation she weathered before things felt lively again.

By the song’s chorus, the mood has uplifted as the singer discusses her relief at being able to go out and experience the natural world as well as the company of other people again. The steady acoustic rhythm and drumbeat adds to the lyrics’ resolute and buoyant spirit.

“It was just like I remembered

Stepping out and I can finally breathe

It was just like I remembered

Back to where we wanna be

Like I remembered”

Of the song’s inspirations, McRoberts’ confirms that it was inspired by her experiences with living through the pandemic. “As a performing artist, our industry was the first to be shut down during the pandemic, and the last to come back. I had to come up with a way to feed that part of me during a time when I was not allowed to be on stage. So, I decided to try my hand at writing and recording.”

In this song McRoberts’ resilience comes through in the song’s final verse as she sings of “troubled waters crossed” and the things lost during pandemic that she managed to find again. Her vocals are particularly impressive as they soar right before the chorus comes in again.

In fact, the song is given even more emotional weight through its accompanying music video that features McRoberts’ reveling in the outside world. Whether enjoying life solo or observing the world around you, the music video shows that it is still possible to appreciate what life has to offer.

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 Since the age of 5, McRoberts has been training as an actor/performer and has not only performed Canada-wide but has also performed Internationally.

She has been featured in Rock of Ages at Stage West Calgary and All Shook Up at Stage West Mississauga. Currently, she is in Maggie, a new Canadian Musical created and co-written by Johnny Reid and Matt Murray. “Just Like I Remember” is the first single off of Jamie McRoberts’ album, Bring Me Your ‘A’ Game.