A Throwback To Britpop and Indie : Cleveland’s Vanishing Shores’ “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing” New Single Out Now

Formed in Cleveland, Ohio as a vehicle for singer/songwriter Kevin Bianchi, Vanishing Shores is a band that explores beauty wherever it may lead. Combining the melodic elements of Britpop with the urgency of indie rock, Vanishing Shores has spent the last five years exploring a musical journey that is both intensely personal and universal in its focus. Bianchi has been joined by a rotating collective of collaborators that provide their unique talents to carefully craft the musical vision of Vanishing Shores both in the studio and on stage.

Bolstered by regional radio support and a persistent fanbase, Vanishing Shores continued to pursue an even more layered musical language on their sophomore release, Maps (2021). By creating a song cycle of expansive beauty and vulnerability, Maps felt confident and transcendent.

Their upcoming LP, Possible Light, showcases the Bianchi’s evolution with its lead single, “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing.” “I wrote the song in response to the question, ‘Does the length of a relationship determine how ‘real’ it is?’ – and I wanted it to express that love, all love, is real and powerful in the moment, regardless of how long or short the relationship may be,” he says. “I firmly believe that the best protest song of all is a love song, for love is ultimately what will change a person’s heart and mind.”

By refusing to be comfortable and safe, Vanishing Shores is creating a bold future where their music becomes a vital part of the shared experiences of their audience. Bianchi is eternally restless, always listening and engaging with the world around him to capture truth and beauty and to wrestle with their larger implications in song.

What if you told me all of this will end?

Baby if you told me, I wouldn’t change a thing

The single “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing” is out now. The album, Possible Light, will be released later this year.