Hey Major released new single Sun and The Moon

Submitted by Record World International

Raised in a family where the golden age of Supertramp, David Bowie or Elton John was the soundtrack of their childhood, brothers Mikaël andRafaël Fortin eventually grew to lean towards Coldplay, Karkwa, ArcticMonkeys, Arcade Fire, Black Keys and Radiohead as the mood-board fortheir lives. Those influences were ultimately carried to the studio and guided the musical imagination of what would become the art-rock of Hey Major.

This past year, Hey Major once again called upon their friend and producer Jace Lasekand writing partner Franz Schuller (from Grimskunk), to record their sophomore album entitled “Down the Ride”. The first singles of the album “Sun and The Moon” and “Our World” are both carried by the percussive rhythms of Raphaël, the saturated keyboards of Mikaël, and invigorated by the guitars and arrangements of Jace Lasek.

-I met a girl and she was wearing a sun and moon necklace. I fell in love but knew she was gonna break my heart in the morning… she (and her necklace) was the inspiration behind this song. A fleeting moment, those connections we make, there for an instant but leave a mark. Says Mickaël from Hey Major about the new single.