Borrowed Sparks with the new single “Run ‘Til You’re Dust”

Submitted by Record World International

Inundated from an early age with great American songwriters, he absorbed the sounds and the songs that would pass the test of time and prove to become a kind of cryptic road map to place he didn’t yet know he was going.

On the cusp of adolescence, Bay received a gift that would forever change him; his first electric guitar. While fumbling through chords attempting to train his fingers to find the sounds hidden inside and looking for something to fuel the angst of the teenage wasteland, he found another gift: Punk Rock. Full of unbridled passion, caution-less fury, Bay says it, “Resonated with me in a way that nothing ever had before.” Finally he had found a place where his enthusiasm for music and connection was bolstered and embraced.

After learning to harness these gifts and logging countless miles on the road as a guitarist for Americana, Rock and Country bands, Bay, writing under the moniker “Borrowed Sparks” has a lot to say. “It’s been something I could feel in my bones for a long time. Years and years,” says Bay. “I always knew it’s where I was going, just unsure of when I’d get there. I’m glad I’m finally here.”

Throughout Borrowed Sparks’ debut EP, Bay attempts to reach deep into both sides of his musical upbringing and distill a small batch of songs that harnesses their spirits. At times you can hear him emphatically shouting from his teenage years like a kid with X’s on his hands in a sweaty mosh pit, singing like his life depended on it. And in other moments a seasoned songwriter, whispering faintly the stories of grown-up heartache he’s learned since those early days.

With its classic instrumentation and well-thought lyrics fans of Americana, Singer-songwriter, Roots Rock, Folk and Punk, will find a home in Borrowed Sparks’ new EP, and it may even find a home alongside some of your favorite records.