Fiona Montt, the emerging Argentinian vocalist and songwriter, has released her new track, “C’est La Vie”

Though the upbeat pop anthem sounds made for the dance floor, “C’est La Vie” was inspired by the isolation of Covid. Montt describes music as “what I breathe…what I live for.” And during difficult times like the pandemic, she says it provides a much-needed escape. Check it out on YouTube here:

Montt has been recognized for her singing from an early age. Her elementary and high school music teachers encouraged the talent, forming a band in which she performed lead vocals. When Montt was chosen as a finalist in a citywide school music competition in Buenos Aires, she decided singing wasn’t just a hobby for her – it was a profession.

Then, the pandemic hit. Separated from her family during the long months of strict lockdowns in her native Argentina, Montt found a lifeline when she turned to the web to connect with others through music.

“We had an extreme quarantine, six months closed up in our homes, which made me make videos, covers, use social media, meet a lot of people, participate with different singers and composers from different parts of the entire world,” Montt says.

Montt started sharing videos of herself singing covers of music by artists like Joss Stone and Dua Lipa, showcasing her vocal talent. She would eventually connect with Roy Hamilton III, multi-platinum Grammy nominated pop and R&B music producer, songwriter and A&R executive with the Singer’s Company Inc. Hamilton, the grandson of legendary singer Roy Hamilton, encouraged Montt to hone her songwriting skills, and “C’est La Vie” was born.

Listen on Spotify here:

The single highlights Montt’s powerful but sultry voice over dance beats, percussion, keys and horns in the style of a radio pop hit. But a note of sadness in Montt’s singing, in both English and French, pulls the listener in closer. Contrasting with the catchy rhythm, the lyrics tell a more somber story about the search for connection at a time when it seemed like the entire world felt alone.

“All this time, when you used to look my way, my tears went down like a river goes, somewhere too far away to reach me when I need you,” Montt sings. 

A note of strength emerges in Montt’s lyrics as well, showing her willingness to go with the flow during uncertain times. “Maybe I’ll make some mistakes now, can’t avoid them really, c’est la vie!” she sings.

“‘C’est La vie’ is about events that we have in life, whether we like them or not. We just have to live with it,” Montt says. “It’s about staying strong even though things might not go your way. It’s about staying positive always, and to believe in yourself.”