Spooky Rockin Party with Murry Robe

If you need 10 minutes of Halloween rock and roll, this is it! Spooky Rockin Party is the perfect combination of Halloween kitsch and authentic low-fidelity rock and roll. It has songs about dates in the graveyard, screaming terror, werewolves, goblins, and how to dance like Dracula. The sounds of Murry Robe’s new Halloween EP are reminiscent of 1960s garage rock, surf, rockabilly, and rock and roll. 


While Murry has played in such bands as Ruthless Ones, The Greasemarks, The Slow Drags, and The Shook Boys, he has been releasing solo demos which showcase his talents. All of his self-produced demos feature instruments played by himself and original songs with a few covers.

You can follow Murry on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/murryrobe/

Or check out his website: http://murryrobe.com/