Sorry I’m Late Rosanne Baker Thornley RBT Sophomore Album 

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Rosanne Baker Thornley (RBT). Listening to Sorry I’m Late is akin to sitting in front of a mature autobiographer telling her life story. The songs are intensely personal yet entirely relatable to so many listeners and certainly not too late.

Rosanne Baker Thornley (RBT)describes the album: “The narrative that runs through Sorry I’m Late is life and the pieces of that journey. The insights. The moments of awe. The losses. The lessons. The determination to continue on. My inspiration comes from everywhere – from experiences and people – both good and bad. I have an intuitive calling to capture and describe those moments.”

Based in Toronto, Thornley has been evolving and expanding her relationship with music (and writing) for quite some time. This solo album delves deeply into the very intense personal space, into this collection of songs that come from her life and what she knows – her own vulnerability, honesty and bravery leading the way.

Having written for, and with many other artists, RBTis a sought after writer/co-writer and producer by many other artists – established and new. She released her debut album, ‘Courage’in 1994 – which was well received – but life interrupted that early success – and all these years later Rosanne returns to her solo career.

This is now Rosanne Baker Thornley’stime to step front and centre with Sorry I’m Late- a very special album filled with an unpredictable, vulnerable, strident and sincere collection of music.

“My hope is that my music and I will reach and fit into people’s lives, everywhere. That my songs will resonate with people who are struggling with, to or from something. That my songs will tell their stories and pull people into a space that is healing, hopeful, familiar, inspirational, safe. That people will feel seen, comforted, heard.” RBT has several personal goals in place for the album’s release – she hopes to inspire listeners to not just ‘listen’ but to feel the words. RBT’s mantra is authenticity and no compromise as to who she is and where she belongs.

Rosanne (RBT) is well established as a successful songwriter – working with others to craft songs with that artist in mind. She is no stranger to the art. Sorry I’m Late is definitely the album she had in mind for her long overdue sophomore album. The title is also the 4th single and most recent single was released September 16th, 2022.