London Classic Rockers Blu Bones Recall “Summertime In Europe” With New Single

Rock five-piece Blu Bones are digging up nostalgia on their latest emotive single, “Summertime In Europe” – out now on the traditional platforms, but also on the SING! Market.

Check out “Summertime In Europe” on YouTube here:

The song is equal parts rock anthem, scored with pounding percussion, electric riffs and soaring vocals as it is a longing, journal entry to yesterday’s memories – turning the key, and unlocking them from the past.

The track “was inspired by an experience lead singer Gord Prior had with his girlfriend Lana while on vacation a couple of years ago,” the band explains, adding: “They shared an unforgettable psychedelic experience one evening that is subtly referenced in the song.”

Listen on Spotify here:

 Blu Bones – comprised of Gord Prior (lead singer); Boris Novosel (guitars) ; Barry Donaghy (bass guitar); Steve Thomas (drums) and Ray Coburn (keyboards) – reunited after 25 years apart, dropping their comeback single “She’s Got A Way With Love” in February, 2021. Wasting no time as performers and songwriting comrades, “Summertime In Europe” falls neatly in line with the group’s charismatic hard rock sound. It chisels away at familiarity, while taking exciting chances through the lyrics and Prior’s exceptional vocals. The song was written by masters of their craft.

“It’s a bit of real life, a bit of fantasy, and some psychedelia all rolled into one!” says Novosel, with Prior explaining: “It’s a song of hope and about moving forward, out of pain and into bliss. Falling in love. Starting a new journey. Something all of us can relate to.”

Recorded and engineered by Siegfried Meier, with mix by Matty Green at Studio 55, Los Angeles (Paul McCartney, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Weezer). The track was produced by Gord Prior, Boris Novosel, Siegfried Meier and Matty Green, and its subsequent video was shot by legendary director, Frank Gryner (Alice Cooper, Def Leppard).

The music video plans to land ahead of the Canadian Thanksgiving (October 9th, 2022), with Gryner’s artistic vision at the helm. “It’s a brilliant song. Gord’s vocal performance is so dynamic and uninhibited. You don’t often hear that sort of thing in indie music, unfortunately,” Gryner says, adding that having 100% reign over the video was a “dream come true, artistically”. “I think Gord is at a place in his career and life where he values relationships and artistry over ego,” Gryner explains. “It’s a hard thing to not micro-manage a project to death when you care so much about it, but ironically, when you choose the right people to help you and let those people do their thing freely, then the end outcome ends up being so much better.”

Take a summertime journey through Europe with rock warriors, Blu Bones. It’ll leave you asking for directions to the rest of their discography. And on a road trip through how rock and roll was first created – authentically loud, and insanely good.